P.E.S.T. (+1).

A day late, I know... but oh well. Pre-Emptive Strike Thursday (+1)!


Title: The Uninvited.

Pre-Thoughts: I haven't really been interested in this at all (when has a remake of J-Horror turned out good?), but even major critic reviews have been fairly positive. I might eventually check this out, though probably not until DVD. Who knows?

Stop Saying Okay! Okay.

Title: Taken.

Pre-Thoughts: I thought it seemed interesting by the trailers. But then I discovered that it was produced and co-written by one of my favs, Luc Besson (Leon, La Femme Nikita, Angel-A, The Fifth Element, Unleashed, etc.). His works that he has more say in (writing/directing) are generally better than the ones he just produces, so I have hopes for this. The movie has gotten some so-so reviews, but I blame the other writer, as Besson was only a co-writer (sounds like a good excuse to me). But this is pretty much a definite for me.

I Am McLovin!

Title: New In Town.

Pre-Thoughts: No. And it was a no even before I read the "this is one of the worst movies ever made" reviews. (I only gave it the following pre-score because of the involvement of J.K. Simmons, who would have to at least bring it up a notch).

The Zed Word

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