Short Review: Man On Wire.

Premise: A documentary about the true story of the man who (illegally) tightrope walked a wire between the World Trade Center buildings.

Starring: Philippe Petit.

My Reaction: It’s been listed as one of the best films of this past year. All I can give are random thoughts: I loved Philippe’s narration. He was so descriptive and poetic and vibrant in his speech that it was just fun to listen to him. I loved how the whole thing felt like a heist film, but there was never any heist (they actually say this in the doc, as well). I thought it was interesting how they did the back-and-forth timeline (showing how it was going with the stunt, then popping back in time to show how they got to that point), even if it got confusing sometimes. And though the movie sometimes felt like it was dragging a bit, it was truly a great and inspirational piece. I also enjoyed how they did the dramatic re-inaction of all the past events, so that the film was so much more ‘show’ than ‘tell’. And besides Philippe looking like Colin Mochrie (with hair) and Jim Moore looking like John McCain… that’s about all I have.

A Keanu 'Whoa'

(P.S. And that's a very strong 'whoa')

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