Short Review: Before The Devil Knows You're Dead.

Premise: Two brothers plan a bank heist on their parents’ jewelry store. It was the perfect set up. Everything went wrong.

Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Albert Finney, and Marisa Tomei

My Reaction: This has to be one of the single most depressing movies I’ve ever seen in my life. This movie is the epitome of a modern Greek tragedy (Hell, maybe that’s what it was going for). Heist films are supposed to be fun, even when they go bad (Reservoir Dogs or Dog Day Afternoon, the latter of which shares the same director as this film). I’m almost speechless at what to say about the film besides 'great acting'. I can’t score this film. Let me just say one thing: the movie literally opens with Philip Seymour Hoffman going doggy style on Marisa Tomei. ‘Nuff said.


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