Post #800: The Vlog Season 3 Promo!

That's right, folks! This is my 800th post! How awesome is that? And to celebrate, I'm going to show y'all the promo for Season 3 of The Vlog! Not much to say, so let's just get right to it (and yeah, I know I'm using this same song... again. What can I say? It's one of my favorite songs, and it works well for dramatics). Here you go:



    Awesome trailer, though I can't believe you didn't include "mind rapists" in your rundown of what Nick dealt with last season. I kept waiting!

    Of course, I can't wait to see everyone this season (including myself! ;) ), but...I really can't wait to see Tom. Love the costumes (unless Tom just normally looks like that).

  2. That was fantastic! Sebastian and Tom have me cracking up and I have no idea what's going with them yet.

    Don't forget to send me a plug when you can. I'll squeeze it in during Lammy Announcement week.

  3. No excuse should ever have to be given for using In the Hall of the Mountain King.

    I'll be curious to see how you tie all this together...or not. You know, no pressure.

  4. Dylan: To be fair, Nick didn't deal with Kai at all. He messed with Jason and Dylan, never Nick. And Tom is excellent. :P

    Rachel: Oh... you'll definitely love Sebastian and Tom even more when you realize what they're doing. Hehehe...

    James: Indeed!


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