The Vlog - S3.1: Casting Call (Part 1).

Note: This episode has copyrighted music, so I couldn't put it on YouTube. That's why the video player is different here. Anyway...

It's finally here, ladies and gentlemen! It's the Season 3 Premier of The Vlog!

This will be a bit of a different season, I think. The first season was very random up until the last few episodes when the story arch was introduced. The second season relied on the first season for its story, adding more characters, more plot devices, and more structure. But while this season does continue the story and keep (and even introduce new) characters, it also has to get rid of some things you've grown to know and love(?) over the last 2 seasons and even take in somewhat of a new structure.

If you'll remember, one of the biggest parts of the first two seasons--Dramatic Post Reader--is no more. He was a mere time traveled version of Nick. Well, technically, the original Nick is the one who is dead and the one currently living is DPR. But they're both Nick, so... argh, time travel makes my head hurt. Anyway! The point is that the segment/character is no more.

Also last season, Jason was... pretty strongly dissuaded from doing anything major against Nick after he gained the wrath of witch Rachel and mindrapist Kai for having Rachel's nemesis--Jess--turn Kai into a hamster and then using him as a hostage to get what he wanted. Though after realizing Jason wasn't the mastermind, but also that his mindrape powers were no use against this true mastermind, Kai turned to super-hacker Dylan to find the contact information for someone who could do something about it. And the mastermind, of course, being Cokie... Kai found another stuffed dog that is somehow from Cokie's past to pit against him.

Taking all of this in, it's been a pretty uneventful handful of months for Nick... which leads us to now. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! Oh yeah, and this is a 2-part Opener, but you still won't get Part 2 until next Sunday--but it's totally worth the wait, trust me!

Finally, yes, the first 25 seconds or so of this episode are supposed to be silent (no need to adjust your audio). Also, enjoy the new Opening Credits! And here you go:

The Vlog - S3.1 - Casting Call (Part 1). by ceramiccoconut


  1. Very nicely done. And the best part? I can feel like I've seen The Beaver without having to give Mel Gibson any money!

    Great job with the opening credits. :) And great performances by Jason, Cokie and Sheep, of course.

    Sayonara, Bill!

  2. Wait, how can Bill go out during the day?

    "Someone's got a Crush on me." got a big lol from me.

    Interested to see where this all goes...

    Also, Cokie!

  3. Dylan: Thanks! And lol@The Beaver.

    James: I was hoping nobody would catch the Bill-during-daylight thing. But we'll just say that he recently had some of Sookie's blood. I believe that allows him to travel during sunlight. And glad you like my silly puns :P . You'll definitely see some interesting stuff on Cokie this season...


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