R2D2... The One With A Blog Update.

Hey guys and gals. I just wanted to let y'all know there's been a few changes/additions to the blog. Obviously most of you have noticed, in the last couple months or however long it's been, the "Last 5 Films I Saw" thing on the top left corner. It started as 3, but I eventually bumped it to 5. Just for clarification, these aren't necessarily the EXACT last 5 I saw, but the last 5 NEW movies I saw. So if I just watch a movie I've already seen before, I won't put it up on that scrolling list. Granted, I'm watching new stuff almost all the time, so the bulk of it will be pretty spot on with what I'm watching.

Next, you might notice a new page added to the menu under the header called "The Study." This page has a handful of scrolling box lists on it divulging every movie I've ever seen. The first box is every movie in alphabetical order. The lists after that, clearly, are separated by decade. Within those, I have them in chronological order through the decade. And if there is more than one movie for that year (not necessarily the case for the earlier years, but definitely for the later ones), I put the movies of each year in alphabetical order. I want to thank, again, Rachel for letting me use her own list as a starting point. It really helped save time (only took me about 4-5 days to do all the lists).

Finally, a couple other new changes in the menu part. Since I haven't done a book review in forever, I took the book review section from the menu bar and placed all the links in a drop-down menu under "The Closet" section. Also, I brought back "The Vlog" section. Keep an eye on that section, because I will update it every now and then, and you might get an idea of what's to come in future episodes. Or if you just want an easy way to go back and look at older episodes, that works, too.

Anyway, I think that's about it! Thank you to everyone who nominated and/or voted for me for this year's Lammy's. Lost out to the same people again this year, but it's still great being nominated. Thanks for your continued support and any comments you have on anything is always welcome and appreciated!


  1. I dig the way you handled The Study. I tried to do the same thing, liking movies I'd posted about, and it got so bulky I couldn't read it or update it. Yours is really clean and navigable. Color me impressed.

  2. Thanks, Alan! Glad you like it.

  3. Yea...Runner Up to Ratings System. How's that sitting with ya? :P

    All good little tweaks here, Nicolai. Have fun updating The Study every three hours.


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