Musical Monday: The Sound Of Music - Do Re Mi (#26).

[Every Monday, I'm going to be counting down my 52 favorite musical numbers from musical movies and TV shows. I might not like the full movie/show, but the number makes the list for various reasons: 1) I have to like the song, 2) the visual of how the number is performed is most likely unique or fun, 3) both song and visual mixes well to create an exciting or powerful number. So let's get to the next on the list.]

Growing up with musicals in the household, it was of course impossible that The Sound of Music would be left out. There are many memorable songs from this film, but of course, the most memorable for me is the one that actually teaches you to sing! And it's no wonder I have a love of puns--this song is built around them!

Also, I strongly recommend checking out the following video if you haven't already. It's really the video that started the whole FlashMob movement. It's at a train station in Antwerp, and it uses a version of Do Re Mi as its song... and if you don't smile at least once while watching it, it's quite possible you have no soul.

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