The Vlog - S3.4: A Minor Setback.

Here's episode S3.4.

I know I'm over an hour later than usual on this one (I usually post at midnight... so sorry for those who like to stay up 'til midnight to catch it but didn't get it at the usual time), but unlike the last couple episodes, this one harks back close to the original format of mostly randomness. I've been putting filming off due to a lack of inspiration, but I got a bit tonight (thankfully... as it was really my last shot). And then I ran into some technical difficulties when YouTube wouldn't accept the file format, despite the fact it's a file format they clearly state they accept (all of which is kind of ironic considering the title of the episode). Anyway...

As for the "what you need to know," there isn't much besides what you should already know by now (Story Time and the actors and all that). Though there is a bit that pulls in last season's finale into the mix, jutting the plot forward just a bit. Oh, and did I mention this episode reintroduces another character? Time to watch and find out who!


  1. Hilarious stuff. Loved the impressions.

    I'm curious to see how all these people end up interacting...and if Kai makes another crazy appearance.

  2. Thanks, James!

    As for Kai... he *sorta* makes an appearance quite soon. You'll see what I mean. :P

  3. Hmmm...very interesting stuff there at the end.

    Ha at the thread for the random comparison. That was out there.

  4. Oh, and Lui Kang was awesome. :D

  5. The line about Kai "in training" still perplexes me. I had a hard time saying that one.

  6. Dylan: Thanks!

    Rachel: You'll get further explanation on that later...

  7. Just watched every episode, great stuff Nick.

    Looking forward to this season.

  8. I agree that that Barry guy seems awesome. Not sure about Nigel though, given that half the villains in the vlog are inanimate toy animals...could be an omen :P


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