The Vlog - S3.3: Story Time #1 - Nick And The Vlog Origin.

Here's episode S3.3.

After the highly lauded second episode, I'm worried that this won't live up to expectations. But here's to hoping you'll love this one, too! This is the first "Story Time" episode. All of the Story Times have a bit of a different feel than the others (except for a couple), mostly due to different actors and scenarios each time (again, except for a couple). And if you're worried about the lack of "me" lately, don't worry too much! Episode 4 returns to a more familiar format (with Story Times coming every other episode).

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about... you should really go watch the first two episodes of this season! Wrinkles the Dog has moved in with Nick and has given him the idea of the Story Time segment for The Vlog. Nick got some actors for them, and this is the first one you'll see. That being said... enjoy!

AFTER YOU WATCH: Also, way back in season 1, episode 2, Nick did an homage to Jason episode that included dancing based on something Jason had once done. This was the biggest reason Jason has come after Nick on the show. Well... for all of you who have never seen that original video (how is that possible?), you're in luck. Today, I have our first bit of bonus footage this season. Below, you'll find Jason's original dance video, but about a minute in you'll see a video box pop up in the top right corner. This is Jason's full reaction video as partially seen in the episode you hopefully just finished watching (which had to be cut down for time purposes). So... enjoy, as well!


  1. Okay... somebody has to say it... what's up with the GIANT bottle of lotion Soto has next to his computer? haha

  2. To those not familiar by now, a long time ago when "Step Up 2" was coming out, they had a contest (On MYSPACE of all things) asking people to film themselves dancing to a song, then submit it for a chance to be in the movie. I did it as a joke, not expecting to be taking seriously. Funny thing is...people took it seriously! So far so that the producers of the movie asked me to directly send them the video. Sadly, it was never used in the movie.

    And Kai, I'm too sleep deprived to take your question seriously so I'll just say it's from when I got my tattoo and move on.

  3. I think every vlog should feature a pop-up secondary video of the person featured reacting to themselves. That was...meta. Or something.

    Nice to see Winston living on. :)

  4. Yeah, I was happy to see Winston too.

  5. Yeah, I was happy to see Winston too.


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