Announcement: The 50/50 Project (2012).

Note: In honor of yesterday's Anonymous commenter, I've decided to move this post from Saturday to today. Also, I want to finish reading The Hot Rock before I watch and review the movie, so I'm giving myself a few extra days; therefore, I didn't have a post for today--so I might as well, right?


UPDATE: The list is now complete! Thank you to everybody who volunteered and sent me films in record time!

So, you've been following along the 60/60 List, you've told me how great a project it is (some of you, anyway), you've given me some great comments, and you've wondered... what next?

I've wondered that same thing. In fact, it would almost be like an empty void on this blog after 60 straight weeks--that's about 14 months--on this project (since I started last November). It's been a project that has really broadened my cinematic horizons. However, I've also been met with "You should see _______" or "You haven't seen ________? And it's not on your 60/60?" Well, it's time to remedy that problem again.

This is where you come in.

Like last time, I'm going to request your help in establishing a list of films for this project. Unlike last time, however, I'm not going to categorize the films by genre. I was totally worn down on a style of film by the time I reached the end of the month that it sometimes ruined some experiences. That also had to do with the amount of Extras I chose (but there were so many promising films!). This time, there won't be any Extras, either. Why?

Because every month is dedicated to your own personal list. I would need 11 volunteers willing to give me a list of films to watch (January will be my month, since I'll only be using the last 2 weeks of it). Each month will be dedicated to that volunteer's list. You would give me a ranked list of films (about 10 should do, just in case) in order of importance. I will compare all the lists. If films conflict with each other, I'll look at ranking and alter accordingly, and then choose the Top 4-5 that remain.

"But Nick!" you ask. "How do I know what you have and haven't seen?" Well, remember those lists of every movie I've ever seen that I compiled and put on this very blog? Yeah, I had a secondary reason for doing those.

That being said, here is how this will work:

1) I need you to email me a ranked list of films at nicholasjobe@gmail.com.
2) I will take the first 11 volunteers to send in lists.
3) The films can be whatever you want with the following exceptions:
*No porn (the movie can be very sexual and have a lot of nudity, but no straight-up porn)
*Nothing I've already seen
*Nothing impossible to get my hands on (or that you aren't willing to send me yourself if it is)
*Preferably films older than 2010, but that's not a requirement
4) In other words, as long as you're following those guidelines, you can be as evil or as rewarding as you want to be. If you think I need to see some of the worst mainstream films made in the 2000s and give me Baby Geniuses 2 and Son of the Mask, that's up to you (and no, the films don't have to be categorized like that). My viewing is totally in your hands, from genre to quality.

However, because this new project is taking only 11 and a half months instead of 14, it obviously won't be 60 Weeks/60 Movies. Instead, this new project will be 50 Weeks/50 Movies and be, thus, the 50/50 Project.

You may begin emailing me whenever you want. I will send out occasional reminders if need be and announce the new list at the end of December when the 60/60 comes to a close. Thank you for your cooperation.


  1. I sent my submission in already. I haven't been that vocal but I really do love this series and want it to continue. Good luck with the 50/50 (and the rest of your 60/60)

  2. Just sent you my submission. I'm new to this project, but it sounds like a great idea.

  3. Wow, I've already gotten 6 entries and some great films! 5 spots left, guys!

  4. And we're down to 2 spots left!

  5. I done did it!

    I should get two months.

  6. The only way anyone will get 2 months is if I don't get 11 people... and I'm not too worried about that issue. There are 2 spots left, and I still haven't heard from Kai, Tom, Keith, Simon, Joel, Andy... and possibly a couple others.

  7. So... by the end of the day, I'm down to only 1 spot left. Who's gonna take it?!

  8. I'd love to contribute if there's a spot left yet? However, I can't find that link to the films you have seen.

  9. Joel: Definitely! There's one spot left for a volunteer (so I'd hurry!). The link to the films I've seen is right under my blog title. It's the link called "The Study." To make it even easier...


  10. Thanks, I'll browse through it before going to bed and hopefully find some blind spots.

    I thought of replying to this earlier but didn't think people would act this fast.

  11. for fu... sake. Looks like I missed it.


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