The Vlog - S3.8: An Unxpected Contact.

Here's episode S3.8.

So, wanna hear something crappy? I had a short joke that, for some reason, was really buggy when I transferred it to my editing program. So it kinda messed up part of the video when I went to save it. Because of that, I just had to take it out and add in a new joke (which should now be obvious when you reach that point). Anyway, this is one embarrassing video for me, mostly because of something I do in it. At this point, I'm still deciding whether or not I want to show you the entire thing since you just got the short bits I put in this (yes, there is a full version). Anyway... hope you enjoy the video!


  1. This is going to be James' favorite video ever!

  2. Ay yai yai - me gusta. Por favor, el episodico totalmente en espanol!

    I don't get your comment, Jason. Rashomon?

  3. Dylan: lol, I knew someone was gonna ask me to do that. As for Jason's comment, he means "fat people dancing."


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