Update: The Demented Podcast... Hiatus?

Hey all you DemPod fans out there. Now that I've brought you 20 straight shows, including numerous great guests, dynamic discussions, impressive impressions, and some crazy climbs of The Tower (including 2 Battle Royales), I am here to say that the Demented Podcast will be taking a brief hiatus. There are currently some plans in motion, and the podcast is going to be changing slightly (hopefully for the better). I've been trying to catch my groove since the start while simultaneously keeping things fresh, and it's proven to be somewhat difficult. That being said, I think there are some interesting things in the future of the show, but I don't have enough time in the next week to get it ready and have a show for you. With that, I also have the return of my job in a couple weeks, since the school year is about to start up, so I'm not sure how crazy the beginning of the year will have me. All of this is why I'll be taking a brief break, so that I can get things smoothed out and ready for the epic return.

For now, I wouldn't expect an episode until at least late August or early September at the earliest. So until then, please keep reading and commenting on my posts, as well as viewing (and commenting) on The Vlog--which shall be wrapping up in roughly a month itself. Also, keep an eye out for an announcement on 60/60 Part 2 (next year's edition... yes, I'll be doing it again). That announcement should be coming in the very near future, as well.



  1. Slacker.


    Looking forward to the new format, whatever it is. And new guests??

  2. Yeah, hopefully some new guests, too.


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