The Demented Podcast #21 - 1001 Random Doorknobs.

This is a very special episode of The Demented Podcast, because (almost) everything changes! I get a new format and, more important, a new co-host! From now on, I'll be joined by Steve Honeywell of 1001plus... along with an added guest. But for this episode, it's an introductory to Steve, so it's just the two of us. We get to know him a bit before we introduce the 2 new "segments" of the show. The guest chooses a (sub-)genre, and we use that to base the rest of the show around. The first segment is Steve's "You're Going To Need A Bigger Boat," in which he recommends me a movie I have not seen. This week? Strange Days. Then we move into my segment, "Klaatu Barada... Necktie," wherein I also recommend Steve a movie he has not seen. This week? Franklyn.

From there, we move on into The Tower, which has also changed a bit. Listen to find out how (and also how Steve does)!

The rankings are starting over yet again, so let's see who will make it into the next Battle Royale.

Current/Previous Battle Royale Champions
(BR2) Dylan Fields - 114 Points
(BR1) Rachel Thuro - 171 Points

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  1. So, I know you've been crazy filling up your schedule, but the BR champ HAS to get a chance to defend his title, right?


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