MonthWatch - March 2012.

[I'm going to keep a monthly tally of the movies I've both watched for the first time and as re-watches. I think it'll be interesting to see what all I've watched at the end of the year and how many. That being said, let's do it. Here's the next month.]

Note: While it seems I'm forgetting some, especially in the rewatch department, I apparently watched the exact same overall amount of movies as last month (39), just split up differently.

The Artist
- Loved it.
The Hunger Games
- Great adaptation!

Juno - It came on TV one night, and I decided to just watch. Didn't even think about the fact I'd be watching Hard Candy later in the month.
Independence Day
- Came on right after Juno.
Mortal Kombat Annihilation - For V.G. Movie article. Bad. Really bad.
Waiting For Superman (x6)
- Yeah, I watched it in class... so I technically watched it 6 times. Very interesting flick.
Hard Candy
- For DemPod. Still love it.
Pokemon: The First Movie
- For V.G. Movie article. Eh.
- Still think it's awesome.
- I was up for some sci-fi action. I still really like it, even if others don't.
Wing Commander
- For V.G. Movie article. Eh.
- For DemPod. Love it!

Spork - Very quirky and entertaining, though not perfect.
Green Lantern
- Ouch.
Roxanne - For DemPod. Steve Martin is excellent in it!
Ruthless People
- For 50/50. I liked it!
Footloose (2011) - Decent remake, but crappy music.
- Good concept; forgettable film.
- For 50/50. Brilliant!
The Adventures of Tin Tin
- For MILF. Expected SO much more. Not that great.
The Grifters
- For DemPod. Second half was really good.
The Lookout
- Underrated JoGo flick. Pretty good!
The Descendants
- Not as depressing as I expected. I liked it.
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
- Very confusing, and I didn't care for it.
Big Trouble in Little China
- For 50/50. Awesome.
The Parole Officer
- Fun at the time, though kind of forgettable afterwards.
The Muppets
- For MILF. It was alright. Harmless fun.
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)
- I liked it, surprisingly (given my history with the franchise).
Three Amigos!
- For 50/50. My little buttercup...
The Sitter
- Totally surprised by this after all the bad reviews. I thought it was funny.
Young Adult
- Eh. Patton Oswalt was good, though.
- For DemPod. A lot of fun!

A Dangerous Method - For MILF. Best performance out of Keira Knightley I've seen yet. Otherwise dull.
Pokemon: The Movie 2000
- For V.G. Movie article. Eh.


Theatrical - 3
Re-Watch - 59
First Time - 63
TOTAL - 125


  1. Did you like ANY of the music from Footloose? Not the greatest, but I thought it was solid. And the acoustic begging to "Holding Out for a Hero" made my spine tingle with excitement, but that's because I have such a soft spot for that film.

    Do you think the Tinting series will get better under Jackson?

    And I know we completely disagree on Dangerous Method. I understand what Knightly was trying to achieve with the character, but thought it was way too much.

    1. I liked the original versions of the songs when they played (Footloose at the very beginning and Let's hear it for the boy later on). The country-fied versions of the songs were terrible, and the overall mix was weird. It was like... pop to country (mostly country, and I hate country) to rock to rap to techno all mixed in with each other. It didn't make any sense and really gave an awkward vibe. Pick a genre and stick to it.

      I don't know about Tintin, nor do I care all that much.

      I can see why you'd say Knightley was going a bit too far. But I liked that.

  2. Hey, I watched some of these movies in March, too. What are the odds?

    Interestingly, I'm at 125 movies at the end of March, too. I will surpass you.

  3. Nick, you have more rewatches than I have total watches this year, even some 3 weeks later.

    I heard you speak about or read you speak about :D most of these. The rest are all VG movies. :P


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