DVDs Or Death!

I apologize for missing this feature for the past month or so, but it's back! So don't fret any more! It's time once again for... DVDs OR DEATH!

The Other Boleyn Girl.

Brief Synopsis: Natalie Portman And Scarlett Johansson Playing Slutty Sisters And Boning Eric Bana's Henry VIII.

Comments: I wanted to see this one in theater, but it didn't even come here. Though I mostly wanted to see it because I love both Natalie and Scarlett. But I've since heard this movie was pretty bad and rather boring.

Viewing Option: Rent or TV.

The Bucket List.

Brief Synopsis: Jack Nicholson And Morgan Freeman Do Things Before They Die.

Comments: I saw it in theater. It was pretty decent, though I probably wouldn't buy it. Sean Hayes (Jack from Will & Grace) was the best thing about the movie, and I didn't really care for Mr. Nicholson in it.

Viewing Option: Wait for TV.


Brief Synopsis: Kid Who Teleports Meets Other Kid Who Teleports And Fights Sam Jackson.

Comments: Again, saw it in theater... and it was a total let-down.

Viewing Option: Wait for TV (if just to see the teleporting scenes).

Funny Games.

Brief Synopsis: Two Guys Take Family Hostage And Do Torturous Things.

Comments: This was obviously too small of a movie to come here, though I've heard mixed reviews. Though I hadn't actually heard of the movie until I read reviews, and I've still yet to even watch a trailer.

Viewing Option: Rent.


  1. I say "Meh" to all of them. Some people were enthusiastic about Funny Games, but I don't care to take part in the filmmaker's experiment. I'm sure I'll watch Jumper when it hits HBO so I can see just how bad it was...

  2. Jumper wasn't *bad*. It just wasn't *good*. It was about the very definition of 'meh' or 'blah'. Some random place in between good and bad that doesn't even qualify as average.

  3. The Other Boleyn was pretty much what you see is what you get. Two gorgeous actresses attempting an English accent while being touched inappropriately by Bana (gorgeous man, but I'll never forgive him for Hulk.. and *gag* Troy)

    As for Jumper, I blame the casting. While we're supposed to focus on Hayden "I actually made Darth Vader BORING" Christensen and Rachel "vacant expression" Bilson amidst great special effects, I was wishing desperately there was some talent to go along with the killer performances by Sam Jackson (thats a given) and Jamie Bell.

    Please tell me why great actors are pushed aside by douche bags and monotonous Barbie dolls?


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