Pre-Emptive Strike Thursdays.

Otherwise known as P.E.S.T. This is a new feature I've been thinking about trying out. What it basically does is review movies before I've seen them and/or before they're released by giving my opinions and scores on how I think it'll be. Then, after I've seen the movie, I can compare and contrast my original thoughts with my thoughts after having actually seen it. Hence the title, Pre-Emptive Strike Thursdays. Though if a movie decides to come out on a Wednesday or Thursday instead, I'll hold PEST on Tuesday... and it'll still be PEST. So for now, here are my pre-thoughts on the big movies coming out this week.

Title: You Don't Mess With The Zohan.

Pre-Thoughts: I think that while the whole hair dresser thing is a bit silly, the goofball action/comedy might be fun. Though it does look a bit too over the top and unrealistic (and that's a bit of an understatement). I'm not super excited about the movie, but I'll probably be checking it out.

I Am McLovin!

Title: Kung Fu Panda.

Pre-Thoughts: Jack Black silliness in animation... I think it could be fun, but I'm not sure yet. It seems like it'll be highly formulaic, cheesy, and will probably have a lot of fart/juvenile jokes or something (he sits on the tiger's face in slow motion just in the trailer...). I think it'll be a lot like Mulan... but without the musical aspect... and centering around the Eddie Murphy dragon instead of Mulan herself. Plus, I think 'ska-doosh' says it all.

Stop Saying Okay! Okay.


  1. Like the new feature! I can't wait to see how the ratings shift for these two once you've seen them.

    I know it throws me for a loop when one of my Trailer Trash predictions goes awry. It's so much easier when I guessed right beforehand. :)

  2. Judging what I think about a movie before I see it? I would never do such a thing! ;)

    Good idea. Though where's DVD or Death?

  3. I actually keep forgetting about DVDs or Death lately. I always remember like... on Thursday or something. But it'll be back on Monday, I promise.

    I just got ahead of myself with preparation for the blog-a-thon... and then I started posting stuff I watched during the week of the blog-a-thon AFTER that (and I'm still going). But yeah... it'll be back.


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