DVDs Or Death!

It's that time of the week again (and I almost forgot... again). It's DVDs OR DEATH!

Be Kind Rewind.

Brief Synopsis: Jack Black Erases VHS Tapes And He And Mos Def Re-film Them.

Comments: I was interested in seeing this when it was in theater, but, alas, it never came here.

Viewing Option: Rent.

Fool's Gold.

Brief Synopsis: Matthew McConaughey And Kate Hudson Search For Buried Treasure.

Comments: This one looked... alright. My mom really wanted to see it, so I'll probably end up seeing it on a rental.

Viewing Option: Rent or TV.

Under the Same Moon.

Brief Synopsis: Mexican Boy Goes Through Illegal Immigration To Find Mother After Grandmother Dies.

Comments: I like foreign movies, and this one looked really good. This one did come here, amazingly enough, but I never got around to seeing it. I definitely want to check it out, though.

Viewing Option: Rent.

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins.

Brief Synopsis: A Successful Martin Lawrence Comes Home To Small Town Family.

Comments: Um... no thanks.

Viewing Option: TV or Skip Altogether.


  1. See Be Kind. A lot of people panned it, but I swear it's a gift to movie lovers and ought to inspire you to make your own. Let go of the premise and the sappiness (well, maybe keep a little of the sappiness) and just have fun with it.

    Don't really care about any of the others, but will probably catch Moon eventually...

  2. Hey man,

    Wasnt sure where to post this, but is it cool if I 'lift' your idea for movie grading? I like the film quote/picture idea. I would figure out my own of course, but I didn't want to do it unless it was cool with you.


    Also, you were very busy over the weekend. Nice job, keep em coming.

  3. kane: Sure, go for it. I'm not the only one who does this. I actually took the idea from Blog Cabins.

    And thanks :P

  4. Yup - as did Counting Down the Hours. I need to put a patent on it or something. ;)

    Can't wait to see what you come up with, Kane.


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