R2D2... The One With Site News.

Alright, so I have just a few random tidbits of news and such to give:

-Voting is officially over for the poll. The results? People want book reviews. So I'll give them book reviews! But how about this? I'll try to connect them to movies somehow. That'll make it interesting, huh?

-There's a new poll up now! Now that we have new types of reviews, I'd like to take an introspective look on the site as is. I have quite a few types of articles and review methods for this blog. Which ones are your favorite? Or do you not even care? Feel free to leave me comments of explanation if you feel the need! I do like comments! I won't bite, I swear! And it's up for multiple choices, in case you can't decide. Or if you have a clear-cut winner, feel free just to choose one.

-After this weekend, whenever it gets all set up, I'll also officially be a contributing member to the review site, Unheralded. But don't fret! All of my reviews there will still continue to be put here, as well. And some of them might even have minor differences, as my 2 In 1 themed reviews sometimes correlate with and expand on each other. And, generally, my Thoughts On segments aren't the typical format for Unheralded, so those will be specialized for here, as well.

-Speaking of other blogs, everybody should go check out the LAMB! I've been a member for quite a few months now (I was member number 17. We now have over 100 members). It's a super secret society (or not) of movie bloggers of varying degrees. We're a really friendly bunch (or are we?). So if you have a movie blog, and aren't already a member, head on over to the LAMB and join up! And if you don't have a movie blog, there's a bunch of good movie blogs there to choose from. Just don't leave me for them... please?

So I think that's about it! Thanks to all of my regular readers (and don't be shy! I love them comments!). So... yeah!

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