DVDs Or Death!

Yup... that time again! DVDs Or Death! (of course I missed last week, an interesting week, and remembered this week, a boring week).

Vantage Point.

Brief Synopsis:
A Political Bombing/Assassination Attempt Told In Multiple Perspectives.

Well, I saw it in theater and... it was alright. It wasn't the best attempt at this type of chronology that I've seen (in fact, it was rather flawed). But points of it were entertaining, at least, specifically Forest Whitaker's story.

Viewing Option:
Buy or TV (If I buy it, it's because I'm addicted to stories with funky narratives).

Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns.

Brief Synopsis:
Um... Family? And Madea shows up at some point.

Comments: Tyler Perry is vastly overrated.

Viewing Option: Skip.

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  1. I put a pox upon Vantage Point. I wouldn't say I had high hopes for it, but I thought it would be relatively good. Instead, it kept banging me over the head with the Stupid Stick in the 3rd act, especially with that unbearably long chase. And I didn't even mind the re-telling of the same events the way that many others did.

    As for the Browns...I'm with you.


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