Random Ramblings of a Demented DoorVlog #3.

Last week, some of you didn't understand what I was doing with the Jason Dance homage. Well, a long time ago, Jason made a joke entree into the Step Up 2 Da Streets contest. Ever since, he hasn't been able to live it down. Click here to see his video.

Anyway, on to this week! I don't really have all that much set-up for this video. I did have to trim stuff down, but that's about it. So yeah, I hope you enjoy it and leave me your comments below!


  1. Another well done episode! Keep em' coming!

    You couldn't plug my site in here sometime could you he asks with nary a shred of dignity?

  2. Thanks, Sebastian. And sure! I'll see if I can plug you next week.

  3. Great post Nick. I love the post readings. The new segment with the "silent" movie element was terrific. My only issue is the text cards weren't up long enough for me to read the first 2 so it took a bit to get into. The one with "spine" was just right, so maybe calculate how long that was to that many words and expand from that. Just a suggestion. Great ideas though.


    The silent movie bit was awesome - you managed to keep me interested in True Blood talk, and that's a feat unto itself.

    I was NOT prepared for my dramatic post reading. That could make anything sound bad. :P

    Interesting that the camera was moving while you were "in the shower."

  5. Jess: Thanks :P . Yeah, I noticed the word cards thing after the fact. They were all the same time (2 seconds), but with some being longer than others, I can see the issue.

    Dylan: Glad you liked it. So did you actually like the dramatic post reading or not? :P

  6. I'm not sure yet. It kinda makes whatever you're reading sound idiotic, but it's still funny. So I'm conflicted.


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