5 Possible Musicals Based On Non-Musical Films.

Lord of the Rings. Spider-Man. The Evil Dead. Harry Potter (kind of). What do these movies have in common? Well, OK, they're a bit on the fantasy/unrealistic side. But that's not what I'm getting at. No. these movies have all been transformed, in one way or another, into a stage musical (Harry Potter not being official, but still damn good). And the upcoming Spider-Man musical is going the rock route with U2 taking the helm as composer. So I wondered what other films could be made into stage musicals that probably shouldn't be.

Movie: 28 Days Later...
Composers: Coheed and Cambria
Possible Songs: "Blood Red Eyes," "Wake Up To Nothing," and "No World For The Rageless."


Movie: Apocalypse Now
Composers: Korn, Disturbed
Possible Songs: "I'm Hiding In My Heart Of Darkness," "Napalm Gets Me Off," and "Up the River, Down With The Sickness."


Movie: Citizen Kane
Composers: My Chemical Romance
Possible Songs: "His Famous Last Word," "He's Dead!" and "I Don't Love You Anymore."


Movie: Inception
Composers: Aerosmith
Possible Songs: "Dream On... And On... And On," "Dude (Can Look Like You)," and "Standin' On The Edge."


Movie: Let The Right One In
Composers: Queen
Possible Songs: "Let Me In," "Keep Yourself Alive With Blood," and "My Best Friend Is A Vampire."


  1. Those... could work.

    Love Coheed and Cambria composing for 28 DAYS LATER... I wanna see those zombies, sorry, infected, dance to some Claudio licks!

    Let the Right One In by Queen! Might be interesting!

    I'll call some of my friends who know some Broadway people (Theatre kids. We're all connected in some way.). Let's make these happen!

  2. Oh, let's hope those never happen. Great list though. I do hope you didn't give some jackass with a check book any ideas on how to make a quick buck.

  3. Brilliant. Great suggestions, loved reading that although, I have to say, I'm in the 'lets hope somebody doesn't see this and start to get ideas' camp!

  4. Hey Film Intel! Nice to have a new commenter around here!

    Yeah, I hope this list doesn't happen... though I am kinda on Sebastian's side that I might kinda like to see Coheed and Cambria take on 28 Days Later... just to see how ridiculous and unintentionally funny it would turn out.

  5. I love the Aerosmith/Inception connection. I wish my command of music was sufficient to even come up with an option. I'll keep thinking and get back to you.

  6. These are all pretty funny, and smart. I'm still confused why their going for a Spider-Man musical, with U2 as the composers, but oh well, it could work. Bono does no wrong.

  7. Hey CMrok! Thanks for the comments. Glad you liked it.

    Jess: For the first couple, I thought of movies and then randomly searched bands that had songs that could sound like something connected to the movie. For the last few, I just searched bands, looked at their songs, and waited for something to inspire me. Obviously, Inception was immediate upon seeing Aerosmith's.


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