R2D2... The One With A New Weekly Schedule.

Alright... so the other day, I asked people for suggestions on a weekly schedule for the blog. Thanks to Jason, Rachel, and Dylan, I got some great comments.

Using their suggestions, I've come up with a new weekly schedule to begin implementation tomorrow. So without further ado, here it is:

Sunday: Sunday Vlog

New episodes of Random Ramblings of a Demented DoorVlog will premier every Sunday. I've already finished episode 2, so you'll definitely be getting the next one tomorrow.

Monday: Movie Monday

Taking Dylan's idea of just taking all my non-theatrical movie reviews and tossing them into a Netflix Review thing... well, that's what I'm doing here. Every Monday, I'll review a movie (or two, if they can fit under a 2 In 1) that I've seen via Netflix.

Tuesday: Top Tuesday

Tuesdays will be my Top 5 or 10 lists. Everyone loves a Top list, right?

Wednesday: Review Wednesday

This can be anything... another Netflix review, TV Review, Book Review, etc.... it's not as limiting as my Monday reviews, as those are specifically movies and specifically Netflix.

Thursday: Thursday Thoughts...

Thursdays, you'll get an article. These can be anything like my Thoughts On..., Five Great Things About..., Why Haven't They Made This Yet?, or any regular kind of article like my James Cameron article or my article on adaptations.

Friday: Friday Free

I wanted at least one day off from blogging, and the name suited Friday the best. This is not to say you won't get anything on Fridays. You may get a theatrical review for all I know. But I'm just saying you shouldn't always expect something on a Friday.

Saturday: Saturday Surprise!

This can be anything. It can be a theatrical review, a Netflix review, another random kind of review, an extra article, or just boring site updates like this... the options are endless! OK, maybe not endless, but you'll never know what to expect come Saturday!

And that's everything. That's my new weekly schedule, and I hope I'm able to stick to it as the new school year starts up and teaching bogs me down.


  1. Liking the new schedule. Can't wait to see it put into play

  2. Dig it. The only bad thing about schedules is that you have to live up to them, but otherwise I say they're great. You know what to prepare for and so does your audience.

    I like the added element of a Surprise on Saturday. Ooooohhh.

  3. This seems like a great plan. I'm a big fan of schedules on peoples blogs, but I know I'm far too slack to do it myself. Oh well :s


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