Top 10 Most Anticipated Films For The Rest Of The Year (2010).

Earlier this week, I did my Top 10 Favorites Movies of 2010 Thus Far... I figured I might as well talk about the movies left for the rest of the year that I'm really looking forward to.

Top 10 Most Anticipated Films For The Rest Of The Year (2010)

10. The Social Network (October 1)

I love Fincher, I really like Eisenberg, and I'm addicted to Facebook, but I'm still not completely hooked by a Facebook movie yet. However, you know I'll see it, as it's growing to be one of the bigger films for later in the year.

9. The Town (September 17)

I really liked Gone Baby Gone, and this one looks good, despite the awful title and the trailer giving almost the entire movie away.

8. Let Me In (October 1)

This one's gonna be fighting against the Facebook movie, it seems. A weekend where a movie about an online social network is put up against a vampire movie with little action and is mostly about the relationship between two preteen children (just like Facebook!). The original is really good... I know a lot of people don't have hope for this remake, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

7. Easy A (September 17)

I might be alone in this, but this movie looks really fun. I'm growing to love Emma Stone more and more every time I see her. And this little play on The Scarlett Letter just looks entertaining.

6. Tron: Legacy (December 17)

I re-watched the original a while back and realized just how not-good it is. I'm sure the special effects were amazing for their time, but I think the movie itself was way ahead of its time just in everything it wanted to do but really couldn't. I'm hoping that this sequel to it can be everything the first one wanted to achieve.

5. Red (October 15)

Helen Mirren with a machine gun... isn't that about enough said?

4. Machete (September 3)

Not really a huge wait for this movie to come out, but I felt I could still include it on the list. Pretty much anybody who saw Grindhouse has been anticipating this movie ever since. It should be pretty epic.

3. Buried (September 24)

I have quite a man-crush on Ryan Reynolds. I'll see pretty much anything with him in it (he's the only reason I saw The Proposal). But this one seems very intriguing, and the marketing campaign thus far is pretty smart.

2. Saw 3D (October 29)

I'm an avid fan of the Saw series, as most of you know. This is the final film of the series, as well as the welcome return of Dr. Gordon (finally!). Can't wait to see how it all plays out.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (November 19)

Really... did anyone NOT see this coming?

Runner-Up #1: Get Low (July 30)

This is a runner-up because, technically, it's already been released. Just not here. And I doubt it will be. So it'll be quite a while before I get to see it.

Runner-Up #2: The Night Chronicles: Devil (September 17)

Despite M. Night destroying The Last Airbender, this one has me intrigued. Granted, he didn't write or direct this one, but he's still putting his name all over it, which might not be the greatest idea in the world right now. But I really like claustrophobic movies, and I also really like horror/thriller movies with religious aspects. So this one has two things going in it for me.

NOTE: I did not include the films Monsters or Catfish because I'm not sure when they're coming out. Their imdb pages both say 2010, but there's no real definite date at the moment that I'm aware of, and I'm sure both could easily get pushed back to next year. So I left them off the list.


  1. Really, I wouldn't argue with your top choice. It was my #5 anticipated film for the entire year, although I'm wondering if I should revamp that list (it's like six months old).

  2. I'm excited for almost everything on this list, although I think I'd put The Town and Social Network a lot higher.

    I'm also looking forward to Wall Street 2 and The Tree of Life (even though that probably won't get released this year, knowing Mallick).

    Plus there's a whole heap of movies that have already come out in the States that we're still waiting for over here (such as Winter's Bone, Cyrus, The Kids Are Alright)


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