Short Review: P2.

Premise: A workaholic tries to go home on Christmas Eve but gets stuck inside her office building where an obsessive security guard keeps her hostage and attacks those who have wronged her.

Starring: Wes Bentley and Rachel Nichols.

My Reaction: A pretty bland thriller. It's pretty predictable and couldn't really hold my attention all that much. Some parts were bloody, but nothing was particularly memorable (except maybe the water in the elevator, though I would have liked to see that go a bit further). Though it is interesting how Wes Bentley's character is obviously mentally unstable and thinks what he's doing is right. But what really bugged me was how Rachel Nichols kept doing crazy, violent things when Wes Bentley hardly did anything to harm her specifically. It was only when she did things to attack him that he retaliated. Granted, she was being held hostage and was forced to do things, but her reactions were a bit over the top in relation to what he was doing (at least until he started killing, then her reactions were more believable). But overall... not great, but not terrible.

Stop Saying Okay! Okay.

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