DVDs Or Death!

Yeah yeah... DVDs Or Death! (Yeah... this week is kinda... lame, almost).


Brief Synopsis: Smart Math Kid Counts Cards In Vegas.

I thought the premise was interesting, but I never got around to seeing it. From what I heard, I was better off, as the movie apparently sucked... bad.

Viewing Option:

Spaced: The Complete Series.

Brief Synopsis: British TV Series With Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz Crew.

Comments: I'm totally there. I saw a clip of this about a year ago and thought it was hilarious. I love these guys.

Viewing Option: Rent (There's very few TV shows I actually buy).


  1. All things bow to Spaced. Thank God they're showing it again on BBC America, but they're cutting stuff out.

  2. Ha - I knew Mike would be here with a shout-out to Spaced. :) Apparently, I gots to see it.

    I'll wait for TV for 21. I like the general premise, but yeah, it got pretty blasted by just about everyone. For shame.


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