DVDs Or Death!

Dum da dum! DVDs Or Death! (Man, if feels like I JUST did this...).

The Lost Boys: The Tribe.

Brief Synopsis: Follow-Up To Nearly 20-Year-Old Vampire Flick.

Comments: So THAT'S where the Corey's have been!

Viewing Option: Skip.


Brief Synopsis: Ridiculousness On A Spoon.

Comments: Seriously, this movie was crazy bizarre. But I can't deny it was highly enjoyable.

Viewing Option: Tempted To Buy (Otherwise TV).

Never Back Down.

Brief Synopsis: Like Fight Club, But Lame.

Comments: My sister wanted to see this but... unlike the title suggests... I had to back down.

Viewing Option: TV or Skip.

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.

Brief Synopsis: Like The First One, But Lame.

Comments: I'd rather go to White Castle.

Viewing Option: TV or Skip.


  1. You forgot the Must-Purchase DVD of this week... the Director's Cut of "Dark City" - mmmmmmmm

  2. I knew somebody was gonna mention that...

    I've tried to watch Dark City numerous times, and every time I attempt it, I always end up falling asleep.

    And that's weird, because I love Dystopian fiction/movies. Maybe I just keep trying to watch it too late at night.

  3. How dare you compare Never Back Down to Fight Club. Fight Club is NOT ABOUT FIGHTING.

    Instead, I suggest a comparison to Bloodsport (but lame). Not that I have or will see NBD.

  4. Fletch: lol... I was wondering if/when somebody was gonna get on me for the Fight Club comparison. Glad you took it upon yourself :P .

  5. I think The Lost Boys (which rules) is 20 years old now. It was the first R rated flick I ever watched and I was about 7.

  6. Yeah, see... that's why I don't do math. For whatever reason, I was thinking the 80s was only 10 years ago.

    Am *I* stuck in the 90s or what? :P

    But fixed... thanks :) .


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