It's finally here! The shadow of The Dark Knight has passed, and the main event has arrived! Wait... what? There's other movies coming out this weekend, too? Huh... well... sucks for them. I guess I should take a look at the movies of the weekend... Pre-Emptive Strike Thursday style!


Title: The Dark Knight.

Pre-Thoughts: Nothing more needs to be said that hasn't already been a million times already everywhere else.

Royale With Cheese

Title: Mamma Mia!

Pre-Thoughts: This is the other 'contender' for the weekend, though I seriously think it'll bomb in comparison to The Dark Knight. I like musicals, and my mom really wants to see this, but we all know what takes first priority. I've not seen the play, but to me it's like taking Definitely, Maybe, putting it on a magical island, making it into a musical of ABBA music, and removing the charisma of Ryan Reynolds. In other words... it feels like a mixed bag to me. I'll eventually see it, but not immediately. Who knows...

Stop Saying Okay! Okay.

Title: Space Chimps.

Pre-Thoughts: Ha... hahaha... I almost feel bad for this movie. And I really would, had I not immediately thought the movie looked incredibly stupid anyway. Though I do like the part of the trailer were the monkey throws the banana peel and makes the other one slip on the treadmill... Otherwise, dumb.

The Zed Word

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  1. I've never heard of this Dark Night movie. Is it a vampire flick?

    Yeah...it's all I'll be seeing from the crop of new releases...


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