R2D2... The One With Trailers.

Just wanted to give a quick update on some random thoughts. I'm working on a new article that I'm too lazy to do right now and put up, but it's in the formation process. So here we are. I just thought I'd give some random comments on some trailers (all available trailers are linked, for those who haven't seen some that are mentioned).

-The brand new teaser trailer for Terminator Salvation has gotten my hopes up a bit. And it is Christian Bale, so that automatically boosts it up quite a few notches. Looks epic and cool.

-When the hell are they going to release the bloody trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince already? The movie comes out in 4 months, and they haven't even released a teaser yet. It's ridiculous. The teaser for Twilight (which is awesome, by the way) has been out for about 2 months now, at least, and it comes out in December! Though rumors are flying that a trailer, whether it be teaser or full (hopefully full by this point in the game), is to come out with The Mummy 3. There were also rumors, though less reliable than the ones for The Mummy release, of it being released with The Clone Wars, but I wouldn't even grace that movie with my presence just to see the trailer (which I have done with movies before for a Harry Potter trailer). Whatever... just release the damn thing already.

-Speaking of Twilight, a second teaser (or at least new footage) was shown on Entertainment Tonight... it's not high quality or without narrative voice-over from the ET host, but it's still cool.

-I'm not one for political thrillers, but Traitor actually looks pretty good.

-I want to stab (in as many inventive ways as possible) whoever came up with the idea for Beverly Hills Chihuahua... and then stab them some more for putting it with that horribly so-annoying-it's-catchy song in the teaser trailer.

-Say what you want about Vin Diesel, but I'm really excited for Babylon A.D. It just looks like one awesome movie. He might not be the best actor in the world, but his action movies are always fun. This movie looks like what would happen if you mixed The Transporter with Children of Men (if the future of CoM was more high-tech). And then throw in some other awesome looking stuff...

-And some people thought Wanted looked like a Matrix rip-off? Just check out the teaser trailer for Eagle Eye. However, now that the full trailer is out, almost all similarity goes out the window, and the new trailer is awesome. I so can't wait.

-Blindness. Wow. This movie looks amazing. I'm tempted to check out the book. Spanish literature is always poetically beautiful, and the trailer for the movie alone gives that same feeling. I really can't wait for this one.

-Once again I'll mention Quarantine. The movie is a remake of [REC], an amazing Spanish horror movie, and this movie, at least from the trailer, looks like it's taking [REC] and making it even better... so here's to hoping. Though... if the ending is the same as the original movie (and they don't add to it), they totally gave the ending away in the trailer.

-Is it just me, or does it seem like the trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tells the entire movie just within its small time frame? Still, it looks good.

-The Tale of Desperaux, on the other hand, will probably be a skip for me. I attempted reading the book a while back and couldn't. I honestly couldn't get into it... though it was mostly due to the writing style (there were only a few words on each page, though the book made it feel like it was a bigger story than it really was). From my literary opinion, I don't think it's worth all the praise it's been getting. And I have no idea how they turned it into a movie... don't think I'll find out, either.

-While it is a little kid's movie (and starring the voice of Miley Cyrus), for the most part, Bolt actually looks like it could be funny... specifically the hamster in the rolling ball.

-Disaster Movie. One Word: WHY? Seriously, those movies don't even make money anymore. They're almost as bad as Uwe Boll. And none of the movies that are ever portrayed in them, or at least shown to be portrayed in them via the trailers, are even remotely close to being what the title of the movie implies. Since when were Enchanted, The Incredible Hulk, Sex and the City, Iron Man, or Juno disaster movies? The only disaster that I know of being portrayed here is The Love Guru.

Anyway, I think that's about it... all I really wanna talk about for now. Later!


  1. I was just talking about the new Harry Potter with a friend today. We were both glad actually that a trailer hasn't been released. Having not read the books, I'd like as little time as possible to learn too much about the new flick.

  2. Pfft... you need to read the books. You don't know what you're missing!

    No, seriously... you're missing quite a bit just watching the movies... and it's all quite excellent.

    I've actually just recently converted a former HP-hater into an HP-lover, and I'm in the process of converting another. Care to make three? :P

  3. I'm no hater. I've thought about reading them, but I typically don't read a book if I've already seen an adaptation, as I think that totally ruins you for the book(s). I should have gotten on that train long ago, but missed my opportunity. No matter - I probably enjoy the movies a lot more than many HP readers do.

  4. You should read them anyway. The movies don't really spoil the books... except maybe the first two. The first two movies are pretty dead-on adaptations. Only a few things were left out of each.

    Movies 3, 4, and 5, on the other hand, had a bunch cut out. The entire point of the third book is missing from the movie. An insane amount of importance was changed or cut from the fourth (for instance, the first 200 pages became the first 15 minutes... not to mention Rita Skeeter--the reporter--is SO much more important in the book). The fifth is the longest book and the shortest movie, so that should tell you something :P . And the movies, with the exception of the second movie, have cut out Dobby the House Elf completely. And every movie has cut out Peeves the Poltergeist, which was unfortunate (especially for the fifth movie).

    In other words, the past 3 movies have set themselves apart from the books in a way that they're almost like two separate entities. So yeah... the only thing the movies will ruin for you on the books is the endings (deaths or twists)... except for the third, in which they cut out some incredibly important information. *grumbles*

    But I also don't think you'll see the movies as less, either, for reading the books. I still enjoy the movies even though I'm a rabid reader of the books.

  5. The problem is, whatever medium you experience first is (most likely) going to be the one you enjoy more. And it's a disservice to the books to even read them afterwards. I also get bothered that I have the actor's faces pasted on the character descriptions and I just can't get past that, whereas if you read a book first, you have a person in mind, then the movie gives you a second.

    I might, at some point much later, pick them up. But methinks now's not the time. Thanks, though.

  6. Nah, I've known plenty of people who were fans of the movies first before picking up the books, and now they're huge fans of the books (most even more than the movies).

    As for the actor's faces... it's true for some of them, as a lot of them do their parts amazingly well (most of the adults, specifically Alan Rickman). Others are impossible to keep the picture of no matter what, because they do the role so poorly, such as Michael Gambon as Dumbledore.

    *threatening glare... to whom, you can decide*


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