For the first time, P.E.S.T. will stand for Pre-Emptive Strike Tuesdays, because Hancock comes out tomorrow (well, technically tonight). And it's really the only movie of interest that comes out, too...


Title: Hancock.

Pre-Thoughts: Personally, I'm excited for the movie, and think it looks both funny and action-packed and has a lot of great potential. Early reviews, on the other hand, haven't been nearly as kind (Ebert has been the nicest). But I'm not so sure now. However, these same critics lambasted (speaking of, visit the LAMB!) Speed Racer, which turned out to be one of the most underrated (and enjoyable) movies of the summer. So who knows. I'm still holding high hopes for it, though they're slowly starting to sink.

I Am McLovin!


  1. Very nice linkage. ;)

    I think that pre-rating fits in with mine. If it hits that mark, I'll be satisfied...

  2. This might be old news... I'm technology retarded, but I heard on the radio that Hancock is available for free download on Apple!?!?

    Is this true or do I just listen poorly.

    NOTE: I'm in NO WAY endorsing watching the film at home instead of at the theater... but still...


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