R2D2... The One With Two.

Got two totally awesome things to discuss! Oh yeah!

First, and most importantly, THE HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE TEASER TRAILER HAS FINALLY BEEN RELEASED (Just a few hours ago as this is posted)! Oh man, I'm excited. Pumped. Totally ready. BRING ON THE MOVIE! OH YEAH!

Second, and not as important... some of you may or may not be aware and/or fans of the 2-year-long web show Lonelygirl15. Well, it's finally coming to a close on Friday, sadly enough. It's been a good two years, with ups and downs like any show, but still pretty fun overall. So yeah... just showin my support for the show by advertising the finale! It outta be awesome (not as awesome as the HBP teaser trailer... but awesome nonetheless).

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