DVDs Or Death!

You know it. DVDs Or Death!

The Counterfeiters.

Brief Synopsis: True Story. Nazis. Counterfeiting. What More Could You Ask For?

Comments: Well, it did win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, so that has to account for something, right? Dunno if I'll see it anytime soon, but I wouldn't mind checking it out at some point.

Viewing Option: Rent.

Nim's Island.

Brief Synopsis: Fantasy Movie With Abigail Breslin Who Lives On Deserted Island.

Comments: It looks almost too fantastical (and childish) for my tastes.

Viewing Option: TV or Skip.

Starship Troopers 3: Marauder.

Brief Synopsis: More Big Bugs!

Comments: I know the first has a big cult following, but... people actually saw the second one? I know I didn't.

Viewing Option: Skip.


  1. Not only did my husband see the second Starship Troopers, he purchased it before watching it. Then he complained that it wasn't as good as the first. No sh*t! So now I'm stuck with that stupid DVD in my movie library:( I'm hoping and praying he will not find out about this second sequel.

    I like to believe I've enlightened his life with better cinema, but then he does something like that (or the Transporter movies) and I lose all hope.

  2. I've not seen the second Transporter (at least, not all of it - it was pretty brutal), nor have I seen either Starship sequel, but it's probably safe to say that "anything Transpoter >>> Starship sequels."

    What does your husband think of Roadhouse, Rachel? And what do you think, for that matter?

    As for these flicks, I say "Yes (in time), no thanks, and god no," in order.

  3. Fletch, I have a dark confession to make: I've never seen all of Road House. Only the first 30 minutes one night on cable. I know my husband hasn't seen it.

    I haven't watched the Starship Troopers sequel(s) but kinda liked the original movie, in a weird way. It took a lot of motivation to stay awake during the first Transporter, so I knew the second would most likely put me under.

  4. I've been looking forward to watching The Counterfeiters.

    Almost saw it in the theater, but it didn't work out, sadly.


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