I'm Furious!

Warning: The following rant has been rated R.


If you caught my note on my foul mood in my just-posted P.E.S.T., this is why.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, after such a delay with the teaser trailer, after finally releasing said teaser trailer with both 'THIS YEAR' and 'NOVEMBER' pasted at the end of it, and after sending out confirmations of international release dates for the movie, Warner Bros. has decided to push back HP6 from November 21, 2008 to JULY 2009!


And they don't even bother to come up with a good excuse, either. They basically, in so many words, came out and said "we're doing it for the money." Like Harry-fuckin-Potter needs to be in the summer time to make money, especially after the last one did so well. Seriously, out of the last 5 movies, 3 of them have been in November, and they've all done amazingly well. In fact, the one that made the least amount of money, Prisoner of Azkaban, was the first one to be released in July. They're already into post-production, so there's nothing extra they need to do... all they're doing is sitting on it until next summer.

Warner Bros. is about to get the biggest backlash of their lives.


  1. Hey, I'm a consistent reader of your blog but have never posted. Just had to chime in and say I completely agree with your WHAT THE FUCK!!! After torturing us by holding back the teaser forever they NOW decide the let HP6 be just another summer movie!????! I don't get it. There should be no problem with releasing it as planned in November.

    Furious is right.

    P.S. I also loved Ben Stiller in "Heavyweights" - great choice!

  2. Hey Al! Glad you've decided to start posting :P . Comments are always awesome.

    And yeah, totally what the fuck, indeed. WB is going to be getting a lot of hate mail relatively soon.

    And yeah, lol... love Heavyweights.

    "You'll all be skinny winners!"
    "Did he just call us skinny wieners?"

  3. Weak. I can't wait to watch HP7, Part II in 2015.

  4. As far as I've read (admittedly not much) the delay was due to a writer's strike ripple effect.

    They don't reckon they'll have the film finished in time for Christmas, so I guess the next good time for release is summer next year.

    Honestly, I'm fine waiting. The sixth book was the worse, and something I would have put down if it wasn't Harry Potter.

    There are plenty of good films to keep occupied with. Or you can just see 'Dark Knight' several more times.


  5. Life: Sorry, my friend, but I must--for what seems to be one of the first times--vastly disagree with you. First, on the subject of the sixth movie... the writer's strike is only part of their excuse, but not in the way you mentioned. They've come out and said that the movie has in no way suffered production due to the writer's strike (and is in fact almost finished with post-production. The dude even said it could easily be out by November). The writer's strike excuse was about the fact that it caused OTHER Warner Bros. movies to be put on hold so that the company didn't have almost any movies to put out for next summer, so they moved HP over so they could make some money. The next reason is that they think it could make more money in the summer than in November (which is just stupid). The third reason is so they can release it in more IMAX theaters and make more money off IMAX (which was information they just released today). These guys aren't even hedging their reasons. They've straight up said it's all for the money on every front.

    As for the sixth book, this is my big disagreement. I believe that the sixth book was not only the best in the series (I'd say 'by far', if not for the seventh book, which I put in a close second), but one of the best written of the series (easily). And as it's my favorite of the series, I'm doubly pissed off because it was looking to be the best movie in the movie series, which had me incredibly excited.

    So... yeah.

  6. Here's a link to the Associated Press article, which confirms the move was primarily for monetary reasons. (Sorry for the weird breaks, but wanted to make sure it all fit.)


    As for the sixth book, I also think it was one of the best of the series. I like the 5th a little more, but it's length and content was initially frustrating, while 6 is a quick and effective read. I also think it did a great job of making relevant plot choices, including back story, and portraying the characters as actual teenagers with high school age issues. The fourth is often lauded as the breakout and while it's good and took the series into darker territory, on a second reading it's so plot heavy and dependent, whereas the 6th successfully incorporates the plot and character development with some lighter fare. Personally, I was riveted.

    Didn't intend to make such a lengthy argument, and of course, everyone's opinions on favorites will always vary, to each his own, but I would rank HP6 in the top 3.


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