DVDs Or Death!

There's a lot out this week... so you better follow the code of... DVDs Or Death!

Prom Night.

Brief Synopsis: Slasher Flick Based At A Prom.

Comments: If I wanted to pay to see this, I would have seen it in theater... but I didn't, so I'm not.

Viewing Option: T.V. or Skip.

Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Concert 3-D.

Brief Synopsis: Um... I Think The Title Couldn't Be More Specific If It Were Snakes On A Plane.

Comments: No thanks.

Viewing Option: Skip.

Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day.

Brief Synopsis: Clumsy Woman Out Of Work Becomes Glamour Queen's Nanny.

Comments: It seems at least somewhat enjoyable.

Viewing Option: Rent or T.V.


Brief Synopsis: Movie Version Of Florida's Screw-Up In 2000 Presidential Election.

Comments: It got a lot of acclaim, from what I heard, but I really don't care to re-live the moment Bush cheated himself into office.

Viewing Option: Skip.

Street Kings.

Brief Synopsis: Keanu Reeves Is A Crooked Cop... And Other Stuff Happens, Too.

Comments: Most reviews for this were mixed, but I'm sure I'll check it out at some point anyway.

Viewing Option: Rent or T.V.

The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior.

Brief Synopsis: Prequel To The Scorpion King... Which Was, In Itself, A Prequel.

Comments: And on that note... did there really need to be a Scorpion King 1?

Viewing Option: Skip.


Brief Synopsis: Well... It's About Richard Nixon.

Comments: Again... it's about Richard Nixon. See 'Recount'.

Viewing Option: Skip.

The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season One.

Brief Synopsis: Season One Of T.V. Show That Occurs After Terminator 2.

Comments: I loved the season and can't wait for season 2 to begin. However, I rarely buy television shows on DVD, and only do so when I'm head-over-heals for whatever it is, and I just need it.

Viewing Option: T.V. or Skip.

The Fletch Collection.

Brief Synopsis: Both Fletch Movies... One Price!

Comments: Okay, so I'm only putting this here because of my homeboy Fletch over at Blog Cabins. I've never seen either Fletch movie (though I have heard of them, even prior to frequenting the Cabins). I'll check them out at some point, I'm sure.

Viewing Option: Rent or T.V.


  1. Miss Pettigrew is worth it for the acting.

    I'll also be skipping Recount for the same reason.

    Excited to see Street Kings.

    Everyone should check out Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles if they haven't already.

  2. If only that Fletch collection had been out 5 years ago. Despite Fletch Lives being on DVD, the first wasn't available to the US until just a couple years ago.

    Can't believe you haven't even seen the first...it's on TV quite a bit.

    None of the rest of these hold any appeal for me. Street Kings sucked, and even if the Connor Chrons are good, I can't stomach any more Terminator stories (though I'm sure I'll see the Bale pic) - really, how much story can they squeeze out of it?


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