Warning: Minor spoilers.


I’ll make this short. The movie is about Alex O’Connell (Luke Ford), son of Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn (Maria Bello), who unearths the tomb of Emperor Han (Jet Li). The mummy comes to life and wrecks havoc whilst trying to become immortal and rule the world. He has superpowers and, later, can shape-shift. They also meet guardian Lin (Isabella Leong) and bring back Evelyn’s brother, Jonathan (John Hannah).

Good notes about the movie:

- Isabella Leong was hot.

- Brendan Fraser was his usual funny self (sort of).

- John Hannah’s character was entertaining as usual.

- The action was somewhat entertaining.

- Oh, and Isabella Leong was hot.

Bad notes about the movie:

- The CGI was terrible. Seriously, it was awful.

- Luke Ford can’t act.

- The relationship between Alex and Lin seemed forced.

- Maria Bello is no Rachel Weisz.

- Brendan Fraser and Maria Bello had no chemistry.

- The CGI really was terrible.

- The Yetis were just silly.

- Why did they absolutely need the O’Connell’s to be the ones to raise the mummy again?

- How come the Chinese army dude can’t read Chinese?

- Have I mentioned the terrible CGI?

- The martial arts was lame, brief, and underwhelming.

- Sorry to say, even Brendan Fraser’s witty charisma was lacking. He had his moments, but they weren’t as good as they should have been.

- It was too silly, in general. At least the first two Mummy movies (moreso the first) had a darkness or grittiness to them. This one was just childish and, again, silly.

- The last line (the written sentence on the screen) of the movie was almost intelligence-insulting. I’m pretty sure the audience could have gathered the joke without it… but maybe I’m just giving too much credit to the mass population.

- I’m not even going to bother bringing up the bad CGI again. Oh wait, I just did.

Let me put it this way… not to long ago, I was at the theater and there was a woman sitting in front of me with two kids and a cell phone. She drove me up the wall and ruined the experience. That SAME woman with the same two kids and stupid cell phone was there again, sitting, yet again, a bit in front of me… doing the same things as last time. But this time, I didn’t really care as much. It had some good moments, but the movie, as a whole, was just pretty bad. And to top it all off, my showing didn’t include the teaser trailer for Half-Blood Prince, which pissed me off. That was supposed to be my redeeming factor of seeing this movie… and it wasn’t even there! Gah. Well… at least Isabella Leong was hot.

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