R2D2... The One With Three.

So yeah... not much to talk about here. Just wanted to update on three wicked awesome things.

- Vin Diesel recently announced that he and David Twohy are still planning on making the two last Riddick films! This has me so excited, because I didn't think they were gonna make any more. The last one left off at such a cliffhanger, and it really needed more to fill out/continue the story. Plus, that just means more Riddick, one of the coolest sci-fi anti-heroes ever.

- On and even more nerdy side, the trailer for Dragonball will be coming out mid-October! I know I'm one of the few really looking forward to this movie, but whatever. If it has to be a guilty pleasure, so be it. I can't wait.

- So I recently saw the trailer for the Max Payne movie. Good God, that movie looks awesome. But my question is... for such a huge blockbuster-esque movie as this looks to be, why on Earth have they not advertised this more? It's coming out in October (it's the movie the Dragonball trailer is coming out with), and yet I didn't see the trailer until I went to see Mirrors. Huh...


  1. I don't know or care much of anything about the Max Payne game or movie, but I do know that Mark Wahlberg stars, and movies where he is the star suck (Boogie Nights doesn't count as that was an ensemble). Think about it...the guy is awesome as a supporting character (Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees, The Departed), but a turd as the star (The Big Hit, Shooter, The Italian Job, etc.).

  2. I never played the video game, either, and I do agree that Marky Mark isn't the best leading role (You didn't even have to list off all those movies... you could have just said 'The Happening'). However, like Keanu:The Matrix::Wahlberg:Max Payne. I really think this could be Wahlberg's 'Matrix', as it were. It just looks damn awesome (and reminded me somewhat of a more action-packed, post-apocalypse Constantine... another good Keanu film).

  3. Haven't even seen the trailer yet, but I hope you're right.


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