So... I wasn't exactly aware of the movie-day-switch-thing from Friday to Wednesday for this week (it's been a hectic couple weeks), which is why this wasn't done Tuesday. But I won't get around to going to the theater until Friday anyway, so it doesn't matter either way. Point is, it's time for Pre-Emptive Strike Thursday!


Title: Pineapple Express.

Pre-Thoughts: Obviously the big movie of the week. It's the much-anticipated Judd Apatow-vehical starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. I'll be honest: I've only seen one or two trailers for this, though I've heard all the hype, and I knew about the movie before there even was hype. However, I do plan on seeing it. So far, reviews seem to be on one side or the other (either you love it or you hate it). I think action should be good, and the comedy should be good. Like I said, I'm not sure what to expect going into it, so it'll be a surprise. Though, I am being rather hopeful and hoping it'll be a good surprise.

A Keanu 'Whoa'

Title: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

Pre-Thoughts: Only two things could even remotely get me near this movie... Alexis Bledel and the quite elusive Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince teaser trailer. However, since I was scarred with The Mummy 3 and no trailer, I shall take no chances here, regardless of Miss Bledel. I don't think it'll be an awful movie, by any means. I just didn't see the first one, and I've already been accused of being a 15-year-old girl for certain other reasonings (don't ask). Honestly, the movie(s) probably wouldn't even bother me. It's just... nobody can be taken seriously, especially somebody like me (who has trouble being taken seriously at the best of times), going to a public forum to see a movie entitled Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (and the 2 makes everybody assume the viewer had already seen the first one, which just adds to it).

Stop Saying Okay! Okay.


  1. Isn't that Lively chick the mainer attraction in Pants these days?

    Yeah, I was late to the party on the Wed/Fri thing, too. Makes sense, though, what with the Olympics and all...

  2. I know I should be against films like 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants', and I am vocally.

    But a female friend of mine swears that the first one was surprisingly good. She's an intelligent girl, despite the fact she's my friend, and she doesn't suffer stupid films. She even claims that she was skeptical before seeing it too.

    Maybe I'll watch it, out of curiosity. If and when I do, maybe I'll let you know if it is indeed the hidden gem my friend makes it out to be.



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