Idol Chatter #6.2: Top Top 10 (Results Show).

Wednesday, as we know, is Results Night! I'm figuring a Bottom 3 of Tim, Didi, and Katie with Didi going home. So let's see what happens. Tonight Usher should be performing. Speaking of Usher, was it just me, or did he come off as kind of a douche last night (at least in the mentor videos)? Anywho...

8:00: Amazing. Not only has it seemed that Idol has given up trying to be overly dramatic with their Wednesday recaps, but they're also totally selling out. Why? Because they just merged the Dramatic Recap with the Clash of the Titans trailer in an incredibly shameless plug. So the recap was both way too over-dramatic (using drama that wasn't even theirs) while also giving a bit of product placement. Nice. Moving on.

8:03: Oh joy. Ruben, the season 2 winner, is back to sing a song. Oh wait, that's right. Nobody cares. Ruben was one of those handful of Idol winners that didn't go anywhere upon winning. And it's kind of a foreshadowing (or warning?) for Big Mike should he win. Not because they're both big, black men... but because they both have exactly the same tone of voice, both go for the slower and more boring songs, and both go for R&B stylings. So yeah, Mike, you're pretty much just another Ruben. You have a good voice and you're likable, but you probably won't sell. Really, I'm just making crap up waiting for Ruben to stop singing. But he's still going. Seriously, it's been like... 4 minutes. Finally. He's done. I'm gonna stop typing now.

8:07: Ruben's a vegan? Uh huh. And, of course, Ryan brings up Big Mike to compare the two. How... expected. Giggity.

8:12: And now for the Ford Music Video of the week--Kung Fu Fighting. Really, the only ones who look cool in this video are Siobhan, Crystal, and Casey (and maybe Big Mike). The others just seem way out of place.

8:14: Aww... nobody laughed at Crystal's "easier to carry around" joke.

8:15: Ha... I love Andrew's mom. And... lucky bastages. They got to go to a pre-screening of Clash of the Titans in 3D. And on to the results...

8:16: Lee's up first, so he's totally safe. And is he safe?

8:18: Yup. Casey's up next. I think he's totally safe, too.

8:19: Yup. Aaron's up next... I think this can go either way, but I think his fan base is too big. Then again, his votes and Tim's votes are probably split amongst themselves. There's only so many tween votes out there, and they can only go to one.

8:20: Um... I think Kara just made a joke Ryan made just about 2 minutes before.

8:21: Aaron's safe. Siobhan and Katie stand up together. If one of them is in the bottom... based on singing last night, it'd be Siobhan. But based on awesomeness in general, Katie should be in the bottom. So the one in the bottom is...

8:22: Katie. Guessed it. Siobhan is crying (quite cutely, might I add). And Simon is frustrated that Katie isn't going country... despite having to go along with themes that aren't country (like R&B).

8:28: Uh oh... next week they're doing Lenin/McCartney. That didn't go so hot last year. And... ugh... Justin Beiber. I swear, he looks like he's 8 and he sings about true love. Anywho... Usher is singing now. I wasn't aware this song was Usher. I've heard it on the radio a few times... it's kinda annoying, but at the same time hypnotizing. Like a Lady GaGa song. Or Kesha. Except Usher's been around for years. And what the hell is with the voice modification trend? It's really annoying. I think the Black Eyed Peas are really the only ones who can get away with it, but even then, it can be iffy. But it just makes you sound like you can't sing worth a crap. And I know Usher can sing... but this is making his voice just sound... eh. I also have to say it's kinda annoying that Usher is going out of his way to be politically correct by saying "Oh my goSH" (literally emphasis on the SH) so to not say "God" on live television. Whatever.

8:37: Back to the results. Didi's up... she's gotta be in the bottom. I mean, I figure she's the one going home, after all.

8:38: Yup, Didi's in the bottom.

8:39: Rube... er... Big Mike's up now. Wow, you know... I think this is the first time Ellen has spoken tonight. Anywho... Mike'll be safe.

8:40: And after a brief fake-out, Mike's safe. And then he literally picks up Ryan over his head... excellent. Crystal stands up.

8:41: And sits back down. She's safe. (Then she threatens to pick him up, too... lol). Tim and Andrew stand up together. Any other week, I'd say it could go either way. But I think it's definitely Tim this week.

8:42: I think Kara just called Tim 'slow' (mentally). What's wrong with Tim smiling? Seriously? Let it go. I think it's a decent trait. Anywho... Andrew is safe. Tim's in the bottom. And he'll probably go right back to the safety zone right now.

8:43: The safe one for now is... Katie. Huh. So it's between Tim and Didi. You know, this could be close. I seriously doubt it'll be Tim, but his reign can't last forever, right?... right?

8:48: Yet another performance. And it's by... who? Diddy Dirty Mommy? I really have no idea what Ryan just said (in regards to his name). You know, I just realized, I don't believe Ryan has once mentioned "Idol Gives Back" tonight. I think it's a record. Anywho... turns out it's just P-Diddy AKA Sean Combs AKA Puff Daddy AKA... whatever... with yet another new name--Diddy-Dirty Money. He changes his name more often than Jon and Kate have kids. Pretty soon he'll just pull a Prince and give us a symbol. And now he just gave every epileptic watching a major seizure with that insane strobe flashing. Alright now. Song's over. Let's just get on with the show already.

8:57: Back with the results. And the one in danger of going home tonight is... Didi. Just like I figured. This was a pretty straight forward results show, then. No surprises whatsoever. She's gonna sing for her life, but I doubt the judges are gonna save her. As her goodbye song, she's going for Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. I do have to say, I like that they give them the chance to sing anything they've sung before and they don't have to sing the song America hated. It just makes more sense to me. But... this is still not worthy of saving her, to put it nicely. And... that was a really scary note. It sounded like a deaf person calling for help (I wonder how many people I've offended this live blog so far).

9:00: Do not save her... do not save her. Thank God. The crowd started chanting, and Simon looked befuddled, like he was considering it. But then he came out and said no (despite it being, as he says, a million times better than last night).

9:02: And now that we're a couple minutes overtime, we get to see the Goodbye video. Idol is really notorious for running over in time... and without the need to actually do so. They pad the shows with pointless crap just to fill up a time slot, and then they run over. So... just stop padding the show. Get to the point. Anywho, that's it for this week. See y'all next week for Lenin/McCarthy! Hopefully Siobhan saves herself (and Lee continues to get even more awesome).


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