Idol Chatter: The Live Blog #3.

[I wanted to do this last season, but I got the idea a few episodes too late. I do admit, I watch American Idol. I really didn't start until a couple years ago, though (my mom was a much bigger fan). Similar in style to the Live Survivor Blog over at Blog Cabins, Idol Chatter (pun and all) will be a play by play of the episodes and what I think of what's happening. For those that don't know, just continually refresh this page to get new updates as the show goes on.]

I know it seems I've only been doing Live Blogs recently, but I swear I have other reviews coming. It's just been pretty busy at the moment. Anywho, on with the show! We're working with the Top 8 Girls and... let's hope it's closer to last week than the week before. And it should be now that Haeley is gone. After this week, we move on to the Top 12, where it really gets good. And hey, tonight's only 1 hour. So let's get to it.

7:00: "This... is American Idol!"

7:01: lol, Ellen is snuggled up with Simon, seemingly smelling his face.

7:02: Katie Stevens is up with Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway." At first I thought she messed up, but it was just the opening "da da da da dum dum"s. Not doing too bad. Really flat with those low notes. And a bit sharp with higher ones. Though the whole thing sounds a bit karaoke.

7:04: Randy thinks it's, imagine that, "Karaoke." Ellen didn't think she connected to the song, didn't "feel" it. Kara doesn't think Katie really knows who she is as an artist right now. Simon feels it's too confusing for her, because she's taking the advice they give her, but she's still messing up some how. Though it's kinda funny how he goes "You and you kinda sucked" long pause "the energy out of the song."

7:11: Siobhan is back and is gonna sing "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals. After surprising me last week, and with me really liking this song, I hope she kills it tonight.

7:12: Starting a-capella. Doing really well. I just got goosebumps. Oh man, that was brilliant.

7:14: I was still so caught up in the moment I nearly forgot I needed to be typing the judge's reactions. So... Randy loves her. Ellen was moved. Kara really liked it. Simon thought it was "all a bit weird." Loser. What? He said she didn't do anything different with the song. I quite disagree.

7:17: "The Story" by Brandi Carlile is up now being sung by Lacey. I dunno. I used to really like her, but her voice has been really shaky and slightly grating the last few weeks. This one's not that bad, honestly, but it's just OK.

7:18: Tell us what's cool about this Randy. It was a bit sleepy, but it was her best performance in a long time. I can go with that. Ellen agrees. Kara thought it was a brilliant song choice. Simon didn't "love love" the song, but she sang it really well.

7:24: "I Feel The Earth Move" by Carol King... by Katelyn Epperly (Big-Haired Girl). It's OK so far. She hit one bad note. She didn't really modernize it much. Hit some more bad notes. I think they'll call her on some bad notes and how it sounds kinda old.

7:26: It's never good when they go "Let me start with the positives." Randy thinks it was sleepy, boring, and didn't really fit her at all. lol@Ellen: "Is THAT a guitar?" (Katelyn was on a keyboard, and Ellen screwed up last week by calling the piano a guitar). But she didn't think it was enough to go on. Kara agrees. Simon likes her hair... but didn't think she took a risk or fought for a spot in the Top 12.

7:34: What? Ryan just said that the guys won't be on until 8 tomorrow. Bah. Anywho, Didi is up. I don't think Ryan said what she was singing, though. I'll get back to you on that. She's doing pretty well vocally. She's just strumming a couple basic guitar chords for music, and there's a light piano in the background. But that's about it. Apparently the song is "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac. I thought it was really good vocally, but the song was a bit sleepy.

7:36: Randy didn't think there was a "wow" moment, but better than last week. Ellen liked it. Kara thought it was her favorite moment of the show this season? Um... no. Not really. I disagree with your personal opinion and call you wrong in your thoughts. Simon agrees with Kara. Craziness. The vocals were really, really good... but it was not the best of this episode (which was Siobhan so far), much less the entire season.

7:38: Now we're up with Paige, singing "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin. Crossing over into movie territory here. This is kinda... awkward. And some strange notes. I'm... not sure what I thought about that, but I don't think I liked it.

7:40: Randy didn't think she's good enough for that song. Ellen thought the song was supposed to be more uplifting, and she made it more heavy and depressing. Kara: "It was all wrong." Simon: "It was a horrible choice of song. The arrangement, to be fair, was horrible." They're already talking about her like they know she's gone this week. But I agree with all of them.

7:48: "Give Me One Reason" by Tracey Chapman... Crystal Bowersox! God, I love her. It's not even as strong and brilliant as last week, but it's really fun. And her voice is always great. I really liked that.

7:49: Randy loved it. Ellen: "I need new adjectives for you... best performance of the night." Kara says she knows who she is. Simon: "You are one million billion percent in the Top 12 next week." And she's the one everybody has to beat, apparently. I totally agree with that.

7:55: Last one of the night. Lilly Scott. "I Fall To Pieces" by Patsy Cline. Eh. Country. I shouldn't say that automatically makes me hate it, but it certainly bumps it down a few notches. And seriously, no bias here (especially since I love Lilly Scott), but she's just doing really poorly right now. Her voice does not fit this song. It's kinda painful, actually.

7:57: Randy thought it was hot. Ellen loved it. Kara liked it. Simon thinks she's very brave, but it didn't have the "wow" factor. I suppose I'm closer to Simon's thoughts than anybody. But I just did not like it.

7:58: The Recap. Katie... is in a lot of trouble this week. Siobhan is totally safe. Didn't care for Lacey this week, but she'll be safe. Katelyn is kinda in trouble. Didi will be safe. Paige is gone. Crystal is safe (and probably gonna be in the Top 3, if not Top 2). Lilly... I'd say she'd be in trouble if everybody else didn't love it. I think the judges are going to watch it back and realize they're crazy (much like Michelle with Creed last week).

Final Thoughts: Paige is going home, and the second female will be either Katie or Katelyn (based on vocals, Katie. Based on fan-base, maybe Katelyn). Based on my thoughts, I thought the worst of the night were Paige and Lilly, but Lilly's not going anywhere (which is good, I think, because I do really like Lilly... just not tonight).


  1. Yeah I know (and I think she does too) that Paige is going for sure. Katie may go because of the Clarkson factor and she kinda butchered it (too sharp or too flat) but Kaetlyn was just boring.

    I really think its Siobahn, Lilly and Crystal...and everybody else. Those three are definitely the best out of the girls (IMO)

    That being said I did actually enjoy Lacey's song a lot. Not the greatest compared to the previously mentioned three but considering how she's progressed I think she just gets better and better and I was actually happy to see her do a song well. Not great but well and certainly better than Paige.

    I'm looking forward to the guys tonight for a few important reasons:

    1. Can Alex continue to prove to me that he is the Jason Mraz-ish dark horse of the competition?
    2.Can Andrew bounce back or will he be another victim of the "Idol peak too soon"? Or will he pull a Gokey and totally F up despite he's a good singer?
    3. Can Lee, Casey and Mike continue their momentum from the past two weeks?
    4.Can Todrick not be annoying?
    5.Can Tim BE GOOD or continue to be the Sanjaya of Idol?
    6.Hopefully not another My Girl from Aaron...

    So tonight will be important

  2. I agree. Though I think Lilly might be in trouble after last night. I live in South Texas, surrounded by people who idolize Patsy Cline... and I haven't heard one person so far who hasn't loathed Lilly's performance last night.

    As for your points about the guys...

    1) I dunno... I like Jason Mraz, but Alex still bugs me.
    2) I think Andrew peaked too soon, but hopefully I'm wrong.
    3) I sure hope so.
    4) No.
    5) He'll continue to be the Sanjaya.
    6) Hehe...


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