Idol Chatter: The Live Blog #6: The Top 10 (R&B).

[I wanted to do this last season, but I got the idea a few episodes too late. I do admit, I watch American Idol. I really didn't start until a couple years ago, though (my mom was a much bigger fan). Similar in style to the Live Survivor Blog over at Blog Cabins, Idol Chatter (pun and all) will be a play by play of the episodes and what I think of what's happening. For those that don't know, just continually refresh this page to get new updates as the show goes on.]

It's Tuesday, which means Idol night! And that means it's the night where I ask the following question: How will Crystal and Siobhan blow us away this week? Especially Crystal, who promised us last week something special for this week. And, of course, Siobhan is just hot and awesome. Tonight is R&B night, which should be good, especially for Big Mike. Maybe not so much for Tim, Aaron, and Didi. But we'll see.

7:00: Uh... Simon just kissed Ellen. That was weird. But uh... "This... is American Idol!"

7:04: Usher is the mentor tonight. Should be interesting. But I just wanna know who is up first.

7:07: Yeah, yeah, stop pimping Usher's new album. Let's get to the show already.

7:08: Whoo! Siobhan is up first! She's singing "Through the Fire" by Chaka Khan.

7:09: I'm liking her hair much better this week than last. The song is kinda slow... oh no... no, Siobhan! You just gave a bad note. Don't do this to me... no, another bad note. Ick. Stop it! OK, that note made up for it a little bit, but... Siobhan, this isn't good for you. This is probably your worst performance. Yeah... didn't really like that. Quite pitchy. You make me sad, Siobhan. So sad.

7:11: Randy thought it was all over the place and a bit pitchy, but thought she was courageous for taking on the song. Ellen didn't think it was her best performance. Kara thought the screaming parts were good, but the lower register wasn't good, but every performer is entitled to an 'Off' night. Simon thought it sounded like she was singing while running a marathon and by far her weakest performance. He says he's also getting bored with the screaming at the end. I have to say though... I kinda agree with the judges. It just wasn't good for her this week. But I totally love her outfit and overall looks this week.

7:20: Aww... they show backstage as Siobhan goes back to cry. Poor Siobhan. But now we're back with Casey! And he's singing "Hold On I'm Coming" by Sam and Dave. I like this song, and I think it so suits Casey. This should be great (and it's never been performed on Idol).

7:22: Doing good so far. I like that he's forgoing the guitar during the chorus to showcase more his singing. I'm really digging this. Good stuff. Loved it.

7:24: Apparently the crowd loved it, too. Randy loved it. Ellen says he's consistent, but thought it was slightly generic, despite his great vocals. Kara thinks he has more range than he's showing. Simon, on the other hand, thought it was his strongest performance he's had, and he's really (really really) impressed with him this week.

7:33: Sorry, Mike, but I'm getting kinda tired of all the slow love songs. Get out of this comfort zone and do something entertaining and fun for once. He's singing "Ready for Love" by India Arie.

7:34: Sitting with an acoustic guitar. Vocals are really good. But it's just kinda... boring. Wow, that's really sad. Part of the lyrics said "If you ask me tomorrow" and my immediate thought was "you shall find me a grave man." That's a clue you've been spending too much time with Romeo and Juliet. Blah. Anyway... great vocals and guitar playing... just kinda boring and I wish he'd do something faster and fun again.

7:36: Randy thinks he's in the zone, but it wasn't all that exciting. Though he says it's good to pull it back a bit (for 3 weeks, though?). Ellen loved it. Kara thought he did incredible with it. Simon says this is the first time he can take him seriously as an artist and despite the song being a bit gloomy, he proved himself tonight. I suppose I can see their love. It was well done... I'd just like him to do something bigger.

7:43: I'm kinda liking these behind-the-scenes moments. Keeps them real with us. But now we're back with Didi. She's singing "What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted" by (I'm assuming) Jimmy Ruffin (as they never say which version).

7:46: Vocals are OK. But she's no R&B artist... this isn't her bag. She and Lily Scott had a similar vocal style, and I think Lily could have pulled this off better (she was a much better singer, and I'm still surprised Didi stayed on longer). Didi gave a pretty good note... then it just kinda slipped downhill pretty fast. Overall... meh.

7:47: Randy didn't think it was great. Ellen didn't get it; thought it was too dramatic. Kara wants singer/songwriter... but you don't have too much singer/songwriter with R&B (that I'm aware of). Simon thought it was too old-fashioned and didn't like it. I'm kinda with the judges here.

7:50: Ryan keeps pushing why Didi sang that song and what made it emotional. Didi refuses to say. The judges tell him to stop. He does, but ends up saying "she auditioned for a special person. We'll leave it at that." We all know her backstory, Ryan. Her friend died. It's hard for her. Leave it alone. She doesn't wanna pimp her backstory like Mike or Andrew.

7:55: Yay! Tim! Doing R&B! Wait... no. Just... no. What's he doing? "Sweet Love" by Anita Baker. And Usher wants Tim to pretend he's in love with him. Strange. Let's see how he does.

7:58: Vocals are actually pretty good. The song is kinda cheesy, but he's singing it well. And I hate that. Because that means that, besides her screaming parts, Siobhan is getting out-sung by Tim this week. And Tim wasn't even INTERESTING. Le sob. (OK, maybe that was a bit harsh and/or too far).

8:00: Randy thought he sang in tune, so that's good. But that it at times felt too pedestrian and 'singer/songwriter'... so... what's that say about Didi? Ellen plays a drinking game for those who take a shot with every 'adorable' she says. "Good for you for taking that on, but... oh, boy, why?" Kara--to keep it short--didn't like it. Simon: "It doesn't make any difference whatsoever what we say... you're gonna smile. The audience is gonna vote for you. You're gonna be here next week. So good for you." Oh, so (unfortunately) true.

8:08: Ryan and Randy are being goofs... and Andrew is now up. He's singing "Forever" by Chris Brown. But turning it acoustic. I wonder if he'll actually be good... oh, who am I kidding? I doubt it. Unless Usher's advice can flip everything around.

8:10: What... wait, what? This is... this is good. This is actually good. Andrew... Andrew, you're doing something good? And Siobhan didn't? Something is wrong with this picture. I'm... I'm actually liking this quite a bit.

8:12: Randy: "Andrew is back!" Randy digs the outfit, too, but... I dunno. Ellen loved it. Kara: "That is one giant leap in the right direction." Simon thought it was miles better than he's been doing, but he needs to show more personality. But you know what, now? "Straight Up" is out, and "Forever" is gonna be the new song they keep comparing him to. Poor Andrew.

8:20: We're back and Katie is singing... Aretha Franklin? Oh no, this is gonna be a train wreck. Imagine that... somebody singing "Chain of Fools" on American Idol. This is one of the most over-sung songs on this show. And I really don't think Katie has the voice for this song (not to mention it goes against the whole 'stay current' thing the judges tell her to).

8:22: Not doing too bad. But with such an overdone song, she's really not doing anything special with it. A couple pitch problems here and there, usually in her lower register, but not terrible. Just nothing overly special about it.

8:24: Randy thought it was one of the best vocals of the night, despite it starting a bit rough and a couple disconnections here and there. Ellen thought the vocals were great, but thought it should have been more current. Kara thinks this is one of her best, but says she has to go back to making it young and current. Simon thought it was 'pretty good', though robotic and cold. And he massively disagrees with Kara's advice that she's been giving Katie over the last couple weeks (which is Katie should be R&B/Pop). Overall, certainly good vocally... but the performance wasn't special.

8:33: Lee is up! I hope he pulls something similar to Casey and does super well tonight. I so hope he has his first big 'moment' tonight. So what are you singing? "Treat Her Like A Lady" by Cornelius Brothers. Come on, Lee! Believe in yourself! You can do it!

8:35: Yeah! Come on, Lee. You're getting there. Heck yeah! Keep it up, bro! And I think Lee just had his very first moment.

8:37: Randy: "Unbelievable." Ellen: "Now the night's started." Kara: "It was amazing." Simon: "I want you to go home, watch this back, and understand that this might be the night your life changed forever." Nice. Totally the best of the night thus far.

8:43: Yay! Crystal's up! Let's see what her big plans are that she mentioned last week. If anyone can outshine Lee, it'll be Crystal. So we'll see. She's doing "Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Knight and the Pips.

8:45: She's playing piano! That's a change. I just love her voice. She's doing fantastically. Wow... she hit a higher note. Not used to that. That was fantastic.

8:47: Randy loved it. Ellen: "You're never not good." She thought it was wonderful. Kara: "I'm so glad you took that risk." Simon thought it was sensational, but thought she could have dropped the background vocalists and a couple other things. He also says to be sure not to change anything about herself for the show and to stay true to herself. All around great stuff.

8:54: We're back with Aaron. He's singing "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers. This is a great song... so I really hope he can pull it off.

8:55: Ugh... rocky start. Not liking it so far. Yeah... he's so not pulling this song off. It's, well, it's not good. Even after Usher's specific training on the "I know, I know" part, I didn't believe it.

8:58: Randy thought it started off rough, but it was overall just alright. Ellen liked it. Kara liked it, but wasn't in love with it. Simon says that if Lee was the main course, this was like a cupcake. But there's no chance he'll be leaving the competition. I do think he'll be sticking around, but I think they're gonna watch it back and not like it as much as they did live.

8:59: Recap. Siobhan made me really sad tonight. Casey was excellent. Big Mike is starting to bore me. Didi was just not good. Tim was corny and kinda bland... on pitch... but way too bland. Andrew was one of the best tonight (surprising, I know). Katie had good vocals, but could have done better (which is what I feel I keep saying every week). Lee was the best this week. Crystal comes in second tonight, though barely. Aaron was 'blah'.

Final Thoughts: I'd say my Top were Lee, Crystal, and Andrew... then up next is Casey. I think the Bottom 3 are gonna be Didi, Katie, and Tim, with Didi going home. We'll see tomorrow!


  1. I will say a few things I have never said before. *ahem*

    Siobhan was not good tonight scream and all. I will still download the studio but her live performance was not good.

    Tim Urban was...cough...hold on...he was..retch...whew...he was good.

    Andrew was brilliant?!

    Lee should now win American Idol. At first I thought Crystal or Siobhan but now I just really want Lee to win

  2. Totally. Even Siobhan's scream was sub-par.

    I don't know if I'm going with Lee for the win, but he's WAY up there now. He's my 3rd. But I'll say this... if he keeps this up, I won't be upset whatsoever if he wins. He'd be the true underdog win, and I love an underdog story (but only when the underdog deserves it... not like last year).

  3. I will add though that Simon was a bit TOO mean on Siobhan considering how well she has done.

  4. Yeah I really think my top 3 right now are

    and I can't decide between Casey or Siobhan. I love Casey but he has been up and down more than Siobhan has been but MAN that was bad...I don't think it'll get her sent home though...especially with Tim, Didi, and Katie in the comp still...yes Andrew is semi on my radar again *Le Sigh*

  5. Yeah, I don't think Siobhan will be going home (and even if she's out, they'll probably use the Save on her), especially with those aforementioned still in the competition, like you said. And Simon was a bit too harsh on Siobhan considering how well she usually does.


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