Idol Chatter: The Live Blog #3.3.

[I wanted to do this last season, but I got the idea a few episodes too late. I do admit, I watch American Idol. I really didn't start until a couple years ago, though (my mom was a much bigger fan). Similar in style to the Live Survivor Blog over at Blog Cabins, Idol Chatter (pun and all) will be a play by play of the episodes and what I think of what's happening. For those that don't know, just continually refresh this page to get new updates as the show goes on.]

It's results show time! My thoughts as to the potentials going home? Girls: Paige and either Katie, Katelynn, or, potentially, Lilly (if based on vocals alone). Guys: I really have no idea. If based on popularity and not vocals, then Tim Urban and Todrick... but of course, the irony would be that they go home the week both are actually really good and not when they both suck.

7:00: Recap of the last 2 nights. And a reminder, yet again, that the Top 12 will be revealed tonight. Can't wait!

7:01: Ryan: "This... is American Idol!"

7:02: Oh God, Matt and Scott from last season are doing a duet tonight. Let's just hope they've both improved.

7:03: Top 16 singing Michael Buble. Quite enjoyable.

7:10: Ryan announces that the first theme week will be The Rolling Stones. Sweet. On to the eliminations. Girls are up first. Didi's first, so she's safe. She's talking through her teeth. Anywho... yeah, she's safe.

7:12: Siobhan is up next. Totally safe. And... yup.

7:13: Ohhh, Paige and Katelynn are called up at the same time. One is safe, the other is going home. My call is Paige. And the one going home is... Katelynn? Damnit! Yeah, this is no singing competition. I'm not saying Katelynn's an amazing singer or one of my favorites, but damn was Paige awful.

7:15: Now for the obligatory "Let's have them sing the song America hated right after they were given bad news." Or LHTSTSAHRATWGBN, if you're into the whole brevity thing.

7:21: Switching over the guys real quick. Wow, Ryan calls up Tim, Todrick, Lee, and Casey all at once. Interesting. Tim's waiting, and we go to Todrick. Now to Lee. And now some Casey. So who the hell is leaving and who is staying? Casey is... safe! Hell yeah.

7:23: Tim is... safe! WTF? But OK. He was good last night. Todrick and Lee are left? LAME. That means one of them is going home? It better be Todrick. And the person going home is...

7:24: Todrick. Alrighty then. I actually really liked Todrick's performance last night, but Lee did deserve to move on.

7:25: I actually don't mind this LHTST... forget it, the re-sing. It's not as energetic as last night, but that's understandable. He did just get told he didn't make it into the Top 12. Though that final run was really good. And the judges thought that little re-sing was fantastic.

7:32: And we're back. Scott and Matt from last season doing Billy Joel. If you don't remember Scott and Matt, Scott was the blind guy and Matt was the one who could never figure out what kind of artist he was, so he had maybe 1 good week for every 3 bad. Matt's actually doing really well right now. Scott... not so much. And now for a bit of dueling pianos... and back to singing. That was pretty fun. Matt was excellent. Scott was way pitchy.

7:35: Wow, Scott has an album out. Lol... Scott: "It's good to see you, Ryan." For those that don't remember, there were some issues last season between Scott and Ryan, such as Ryan going to give Scott high fives and forgetting he can't see. So there were some funny running jokes.

7:40: And we're back. Crystal Bowersox is up. Oh, she's totally safe. And I'll go slay some people if she's not. She's safe. Though she doesn't seem to be looking well.

7:41: Big Mike's up! He'll be safe, especially after last night. And even if it weren't for last night, he has a huge (no pun intended) fan base. Yeah, he's safe. lol@Ryan, though. "Do you think you could fit on one stool?"

7:43: Lacey's up. I suppose that means she's safe, too. Yup.

7:44: Aaron's up. Bleh. I guess he's OK, then. He's got the tween girls' vote, which is basically the David Archuletta vote... and that's a powerful vote. And he's through.

7:45: Two guys left. Alex "The Mullet" Lambert and Andrew Garcia. I'd say it should be Alex, because I don't really care for his voice. But I'm thinking Andrew's going home. And the second guy going home is...

7:47: The Mullet! Wow. Color me surprised. I love me some Andrew, but I really did figure Alex was gonna stick around. Poor guy. Let's hear his re-song. As I'm listening to this, I'm realizing that the two girls left are Katie and Lilly. If it's based on vocals for the other night purely, Lilly'd be gone. But if it's based on vocals overall, Katie's going home. And based on popularity, I'd say Katie's going home. So I'm pretty sure Katie's going home. But we'll see... right after the commercials.

7:55: Back... apparently some intense emotions during the commercial break with Alex. But we gotta move on and figure out which girl is going home. And the last girl going home is...

7:56: Lilly! Holy crap on a popsickle stick. Katie just beat a bunch of odds. But Lilly really was God awful this week, despite the judges' (bizarre) comments to the contrary. Unfortunately, I'm now subjected to her terrible re-sing. I almost wish it would have been like Todrick and she'd gone home with a much better song. Though actually, I think she sang it better tonight than she did the other day.

7:59: The "journey" video--the video of clips that show the journies of those going home and how they got to this point.

8:01: Going a bit overtime here, but now we have our Top 12. And next week they'll be doing The Rolling Stones! Hope it goes well.

Final Thoughts: Some obvious, some surprises... still can't believe Paige is still there... or Tim, despite his good performance last night. Also can't believe Katie made it over Lilly (again, despite her terrible performance this week). But oh well. Crystal, Casey, Lee, and Big Mike are still around, so that's good. See y'all next week!


  1. Well tonight was a surprise to say the least....especially with two: Alex and Todrick. The girls for some reason I wasn't surprised about. Paige DID butcher her performance last night but she HAS had some good performances and hey, Tim butchered his first performance and he was great.

    I was supremely sad to see Alex go but he WAS really nervous and people still think Andrew is a good singer even though I think he is now a hack who peaked at Hollywood and has just gotten desperate.

    And Todrick DID annoy me and he was on and off (IMO) with Somebody to Love but at the same time I think Tim just isnt ready, even with that performance.

    As for Kaetlyn I wasn't surprised. She has been too slow and boring for me so I could care less. But still it should be interesting to see what happens next.

    Pretty much now since we are merged I gotta say my top 5

    1.Krystal Bowersox
    2.Bike Mike
    3.Siobahn Magnus
    4.Casey James
    5.Lee Dewyze

    The others really have no shot of winning unless they can pull a huge upset out of their asses...and yes I don't think Andrew will win anymore

  2. I wasn't too surprised (or upset) with Alex, but I am surprised it was Todrick before Tim Urban.

    As for Andrew, yeah, I've kinda stopped caring about him. He was one of my early favorites (along with Casey) from just the auditions alone, but he's gone so 'blah' now.

    But yeah, with Katelynn, I wasn't surprised, nor did I care. Lilly upset me, though. I loved Lilly (except for this week).

    Anywho, I pretty much agree with your top 5, but not in that order.

    My Top 5 are...

    1. Crystal Bowersox
    2. Casey James
    3. Siobhan Magnus
    4. Big Mike
    5. Lee Dewyze

    Who knows? Maybe Simon was right and a girl will win this year, but it'll be Crystal (as all the other girls, except for Siobhan, aren't even close to great). Siobhan is like a female version of Adam Lambert to me. Big voice, original, and quirky, and the judges can't really give her advice.

    But I honestly think the Final 2, if it continues going down this same path, is going to be Big Mike and either Crystal or Siobhan. I'm pulling for a Crystal win, though.


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