Idol Chatter: The Live Blog #2.3.

[I wanted to do this last season, but I got the idea a few episodes too late. I do admit, I watch American Idol. I really didn't start until a couple years ago, though (my mom was a much bigger fan). Similar in style to the Live Survivor Blog over at Blog Cabins, Idol Chatter (pun and all) will be a play by play of the episodes and what I think of what's happening. For those that don't know, just continually refresh this page to get new updates as the show goes on.]

It's time for the results! My guesses for the guys are Tim Urban and Jermaine (same as last week). My guesses for the girls are Haeley Vaughn and either Lacey or Paige. So let's find out if I'm right, or if America got it wrong yet again.

7:00: Crazy, overly dramatic montage of the last two nights.

7:01: Ryan: "Whatfor will be leaving us tonight?" Who is Whatfor? Oh, you mean WHICH four? Oh, and "This... is American Idol!"

7:03: Wow, Simon admits he was wrong about somebody last night, but wouldn't say who. He actually had to turn the TV off when he watched it back, it was so bad.

7:04: The Top 20 are singing Black-Eyed Peas. Having fun with it. I like this group song better than last week's.

7:10: First eliminations. Tim is up first... wait, so does that mean he's safe? Damnit! He WAS safe. Stupid America. Todrick is up now. He's safe... or is he? Ryan tells him to hold on for a minute as he goes to Big Mike. Big Mike's safe (of course). Casey's up... he BETTER be safe. And he is. And it's down to John Park. Uh oh. It's between Todrick and John? Hopefully Todrick is gone. And it's...

7:13: FUDGE. John Park. Damn it to the eternal pits of hades. Into Tartarus. Sigh.

7:14: John Park's singing his final song on stage. Oh well. With the likes of Casey, Lee, and Crystal, there's no way... but whatever.

7:20: Back to the results. And still on the guys. Lee's up first, so he's safe. Yup. Aaron Kelly is up... he's either safe or will be made to stand and wait like Todrick. He's safe. Now it's Alex "The Mullet" Lambert. The mullet is safe. So now it's down to... Jermaine and Andrew Garcia. Oh, if Andrew goes before Jermaine, I'm gonna be pissed. There will be Hell to pay. And the one going home is...

7:24: Jermaine. Thank God. I was gonna smack a ho or something (because I'm ghetto thug like that). But now he has to sing. Bleh.

7:25: *surfs the internet while Jermaine sings*

7:32: And we're back... to hear some Danny Gokey from last season. And it's... strangely country sounding. You know, I liked Danny last season, but I'm not really digging this song. And he's actually had a couple bad notes. Just two or three, but still. Ick.

7:36: Apparently it's Randy Travis' fault for Danny going country. Lame. Though he's being kinda funny dorky. Anywho...

7:42: Now the girls are up to go home. Lilly's up first. She's totally safe. Yup. Paige is up. She's safe. Now Katie Stevens. She's safe. So it's down to Michelle and Didi. Hm. Of the two, I think it should be Michelle, but it'll probably be Didi. And the one going home is...

7:45: Michelle. Wow. That's right, Michelle! Trying to sing Creed. I'm thinking she might be the one Simon was talking about where it was worse when he watched it back. It better have been, because I was really confused about their comments to her last night.

7:46: Ugh, now she has to sing again. I'll take this moment to discuss the "goodbye song" and the logic behind it. At least at this stage in the show, the reason the contestant wasn't voted through was because America freakin' hated the song and performance. So why make them not only sing it again for America, but also sing it right after they're told they're out of the show when they're all upset and will only sing it worse than they did the first time? Yeah...

7:52: One more to go... Katelyn is up, and she's safe. Crystal Bowersox is up, and I don't even have to hear Ryan say it. She's totally safe. Yup. Siobhan is up now, and she'll be safe... yup. So now it's down to Haeley and Lacey. Oh God, it better be Haeley. If Lacey goes... argh. Well, let's see who it'll be. And the one going home is...

7:55: Haeley. Thank God. She shouldn't have even been in the Top 24. She's been aggravating me since her initial try-out. But lol, back to the Pooter mascot.

7:56: The goodbye video for all those leaving tonight. I'm mostly upset that John Park left, especially before Tim Urban. Is Tim going to be this year's Sanjaya?

7:58: Ugh, Haeley's gotta sing us out with her goodbye song. I'm tempted to turn my TV off (or at least hit the mute button). But it's like a train wreck. This is actually even worse than last night. Like, over twice as bad.

Final Thoughts: Glad to see Haeley gone (I do feel bad for her, though... she seems like a sweet girl, and she's crying while singing and trying to get through it. But the judges should not have put her into the Top 24). Also glad Jermaine is gone. But I hate that John Park left. Oh well. I'll see y'all again next week for the Top 16 performances!

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  1. Yeah I actually am a little pissed John left. Tim WAS a lot better this week but he really shouldn't still be on...and yay the mullet is around another week!

    I think all the other choices were on the nose and totally correct, I mean those three made me sad inside and as a fan of Creed I almost threw the remote at Michelle. And Haeley makes me want to club seals. She seems nice but GAHHH!!! that voice and that lisp.


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