Idol Chatter: The Live Blog #2.

[I wanted to do this last season, but I got the idea a few episodes too late. I do admit, I watch American Idol. I really didn't start until a couple years ago, though (my mom was a much bigger fan). Similar in style to the Live Survivor Blog over at Blog Cabins, Idol Chatter (pun and all) will be a play by play of the episodes and what I think of what's happening. For those that don't know, just continually refresh this page to get new updates as the show goes on.]

Alrighty, guys! The Live Blog is back! Now it's time for the Top 10 Guys. Thank God they switched 'em around this week. I'm not sure I could wait another day for the guys and sit through the girls again first. So here we go.

7:00: Ryan: "This... is American Idol!"

7:01: Uh oh. The girls were supposed to go tonight, but Crystal Bowersox (AKA the only really good girl) was hospitalized and cannot perform tonight. Let's hope she'll be good enough to come back and stay.

7:03: Ryan to Ellen: "Have you ever missed a show?" Ellen: "I missed American Gladiators when it went off the air..." lol.

7:04: Simon still thinks the girls are better. WTF? Anywho, Big Mike's up first. And he'll be performing...

7:06: "This is a Man's World" by James Brown. I so like this better for him than last week's. This is completely fitting for his voice. This was a great kick-off to the show. Let's hope it sets up the rest of the night.

7:08: Randy thinks that the season is just getting started now. Ellen is still funny. Kara: "You owned it tonight." Simon: "It was like going from a pussy cat to a lion in one week." I totally agree. I thought he was excellent.

7:16: John Park is up next. Apparently English is his second language. Interesting (seriously... he has no real accent). Now move on to the song. And he's singing...

7:17: "Gravity" by John Mayer. A couple shaky notes, but overall pretty good. Don't care for the song, but I'm not really a John Mayer fan.

7:19: Randy: "I think the John Mayer vibe is your kind of vibe... but you didn't bring anything new to it." Ellen: "So much better a song choice." Kara: "Way better than last week, but my concern for you is [...] the connection." Simon: "There was nothing to get excited about that." I don't think he's going home this week (he sure as hell better not with Tim Urban and Jermaine still there). But he does need to step it up a bit.

7:27: Casey's up! Hooray! Whatcha singin', Casey? Apparently something that's been done a few times before (Bo Bice and Elliot Yamin were a couple names tossed around. I'm likin' it already). So... what is it?

7:30: "I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin DeGraw. Rockin' out on the guitar, too. I like this song. Totally rockin' it out. This song totally fits him. And that was a freakin' awesome guitar solo at the end with the final lyric of the song.

7:32: Randy and Ellen loved it. Um... what? Kara thought he went 2 steps backwards? No way. Haha... Simon: "Did he not return your calls?" But he didn't think he has the grit in his voice? I totally disagree with Kara and Simon. Pashaw.

7:40: Alex Lambert, rockin' the mullet. He's gonna be playing the guitar this week, as well. So what are you singing, Mr. Mullet (besides your own made-up language)?

7:41: "Everybody Knows" by John Legend. Doing pretty well so far. I can't place his voice this week. Last week I said James Blunt. It seems a little less Blunt and little more... not sure. And I did not like that last note... Otherwise, good.

7:44: Randy: "Such an improvement over last week." Ellen: "Like someone took the unripe banana and put it in a paper bag." lol@banana analogies. Kara: "There isn't a person out there not rooting for you." Not sure about that, but OK. Simon doesn't think he's in it to win, but really thinks he has what it takes.

7:51: Todrick is up next. I happened to like his song last week (he changed up Kelly Clarkson). This week, he's singing another female's song (Tina Turner). Let's see which one...

7:53: "What's Love Got To Do With It" by Tina Turner. He's slowed it down slightly from the original, made it more current-R&B. But I'm digging it. His voice is good, too. I enjoyed it.

7:55: WTF, Randy. They always ask them to change up the song. And when they do, they tell them not to. They also told him last week he looked too much like a dancer. Ellen and Kara are now telling him to dance more. Simon didn't like it, either. And they're asking him to change it up and make it his own... but he does, and they tell him not to change it and make it his own... and it's nothing but conflicting criticism. The song could have been terrible, and the judges would have annoyed me here.

8:04: Uh oh... Jermaine is up next... dancing in a one-piece green outfit. And he's bashing the judges. What are you singing?

8:05: Dear God... "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye. This is way too old and non-current for this show, and I'm sure the judges will point that out (come on, if Tina Turner was too old, this certainly will be). This is, as Simon would say, totally self-indulgent. I mean, the vocals aren't bad, but I just didn't care for the performance or song.

8:07: Randy didn't like the song choice. Ellen is struggling for positives. Kara thinks he's doing too much and forcing it. Simon: "You did kind of a caberet type performance with it; therefore it's making you very old fashioned." Yeah... I agree. I didn't like it really at all.

8:16: Andrew Garcia is up! Come on, Andrew. You're my second favorite guy. Please be good. What are you singing?

8:17: "You Give Me Something" by James Morrison. Good vocally so far. Not very exciting of a song, but the vocals are excellent as usual. It almost looks like he's half asleep. There's no charisma there. Hm.

8:19: Randy thought it was pitchy? I wouldn't say pitchy. I might agree it wasn't the right song, but I wouldn't say pitchy. Ellen disagrees and points out that his Paula Abdul song put the bar way too high. Though Kara said she wants him to do something more like last week, though last week she said she didn't like it. Kara's annoying me tonight. Simon thought it was just OK, and that he's better than OK.

8:27: 16-year-old heartthrob Aaron Kelly is up next. And he's singing...

8:29: "My Girl" by The Temptations. At least he has more charisma than last week. Though it sounds like he's trying too hard at times. He's putting too much grit and soul into parts of the song where it doesn't need to be (and that he can't really pull off). And there were some pretty pitchy moments.

8:31: Randy liked the first half better than the second half. Ellen thought it was a little forgettable. Kara really liked it (furthering my annoyance with her). Simon didn't like it and thought it was all over the place. I agree with everyone but Kara.

8:38: Oh God, Tim Urban is next. This guy did horrible last week (he was the one who came in for the other guy that couldn't move on). So what are you doing this week?

8:39: "Come on, Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson. So far better than last week, though that's not too hard. Still a very shaky voice. There's no way this guy's gonna win. In fact, he better go home this week. Not liking this all that much. He's really not ready for this show--Simon was right last week. So what did they think this week?

8:41: Randy thought it was very karaoke. Ellen agrees and thought maybe he should be on Glee (please no). Kara liked the song choice but didn't like the performance. Simon... is crazy? He thought it was an incredible improvement over last week and thought he was better than the other singers tonight (who he thought were more karaoke than Tim)? No way. Shut your mouth now, Simon. Now. Ahora.

8:49: Lee is last. Well, thank God. At least they're ending with somebody good. After a string of not-so-good, I'm glad to see Lee up last. So what's he doing tonight?

8:50: "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder. I think fitting for his voice. I like the little changes he's made to the song. They aren't drastic, but they're small enough to make it fit him. I think the judges will love this. I thought it was really good.

8:52: Randy liked it (despite some pitch problems). Ellen agrees. Kara thought it was a big improvement from last week. Simon thinks vocally he's the best guy, but he's gotta shake off the nerves. I agree that if he knocks off the nerves, he'll be great.

8:56: The Recap. Big Mike... one of the best tonight. John Park, good vocals, not-so-good song choice. Casey (I don't care what the judges say, I loved him). Alex was loads better from last week. I feel so bad for Todrick; the judges can't give him straightforward comments. Jermaine just needs to go. Andrew needed something... more. Aaron was a bit all over the place, but better than last week. Tim Urban just needs to go. Lee was really good.

Final Notes: My thoughts are, like last week, Jermaine and Tim Urban are going. But who knows? Stay tuned for tomorrow night when I have my live blog for the Top 10 Girls. See ya then!


  1. Yeah I was really surprised with how good the guys were last night. I think the best of the night was actually Alex. I know that sounds crazy but he's really got me rooting for him. Will he win? Not as long as Crystal, Lee, Casey, Andrew and Lily are around.

    Andrew actually was unimpressive last night. He's great but that felt boring. Todrick was frustrating and I fast forwarded thru Jermaine.

    John was much better this week and Casey was brilliant. Mike was 1000% percent better, Tim Who? and the young guy Aaron was okay..

    I think Tim, Jermaine, or Todrick will go home on Thursday

  2. Eh. Not a huge fan of Alex and I don't see the appeal. I think Big Mike, Casey, and Lee were the best of the night. And I now think, after tonight, the top 3 girls are Crystal, Lilly, and Siobhan (who I, ironically, hated last week). So with those 6 at the forefront, I can't see Alex getting that far or winning.

    I agree about Andrew... he's dropped down a few notches on my list, as has John (though I still really like them both).

  3. I don't think Alex will win by a long shot but i like those Jason Mraz-ish types. I think he'll probably come in 7th-10th probably. Yeah I agree on the chicks though definitely


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