Podcast: The Demented Encyclopedia #1.

This is the first episode of The Demented Encyclopedia, the podcast that joins bloggers Travis McCollum of The Movie Encyclopedia, and... well... me.

This first episode is a bit of a long one, partly due to the topics at hand, and partly due to it being the first episode and having to get some explanations out of the way. The episode is split up into six segments.

Plugs (3 Minutes)

I plug my Idol Chatter: American Idol Live Blogs.

Travis plus his blog's Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Castoff Interviews.

Main Topic (25 Minutes)

The main topic of discussion this week is the Oscars, from what we thought of the winners to the controversies therein.

Reality Round-Up (40 Minutes)

A weekly feature, at least until the seasons end, the Reality Round-Up covers the past week in both American Idol and Survivor. The Idol talk goes on a bit too long here (roughly 31 minutes), but mostly because we have some catching up to do. We both doubt future discussions will last even remotely close to that long. Survivor talk, on the other hand, goes by pretty fast (clocking in around 9 minutes), as we talk about a couple things from the past episode and who we think will win it all (a villain, of course).

If I Had Written/Directed ________ (9 Minutes)

Another regular feature, this one goes into what we would do had we been in charge of certain films. In other words, the negatives that we'd clean up. The theme this week? Oscar films, of course. Travis takes on Avatar, while I take a stab at Up in the Air. Oh... and a bit of a spoiler for that last one if you haven't seen it yet.

Recommend a... (12 Minutes)

This feature allows us to briefly recommend something that the mass population might not be to familiar with. I recommend a small Canadian horror film called Pontypool, while Travis discusses the newly released DVD for the best of That Guy With The Glasses.

Monologue of the Week (6 Minutes)

The final segment wraps up the show as we each choose a monologue to dramatically reenact. I choose the opening monologue to Pontypool, while Travis goes the more comedic route with a stand-up routine he's quite fond of.

And that does it for the first episode. Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod's Incompetech website for his royalty-free music. Please, let us know what you think! What do you want to hear more of? What do you want to hear less of (besides American Idol)? What did you think overall?


  1. Damn - this looks epic! Can't wait to give it a listen!!

  2. Are you guys going to put it on iTunes?

  3. I suppose, but I'm not really sure how to get it up on there.

  4. Got it put in. Might take a day or two to review but it's in the itunes directory

  5. Awesome, Travis! I can only really listen to podcasts at work on my iphone.

  6. Excellent! Thanks for bringing it up Rachel. I was going to ask because when I searched itunes, I couldn't find it, but I'll keep looking, can't wait.

  7. Yeah I got the email confirming it and it should be up in 1-2 days on search directory.

  8. First off, I'm way behind on my blog reading, but I wanted to let you know that I finally finished this yesterday. I happened to go to Travis' site first and leave a comment, so you get the recycled version. :P

    "Finished this yesterday and am about halfway through ep 2. Dug the Survivor chatter of course, though the length didn't bother me all that much, since you guys spent so much time on American Idol and, as you may know, I don't watch it.

    Loved the intro/outro music that you guys found and was disappointed to not hear it in ep 2. Thought it was kinda Kill Bill-ish and, at the same time, gave me a demented encyclopedia feeling.

    And not to give him too hard a time, but I was considering starting a drinking game based off this episode called "The Part of Me Drinking Game," in which you must take a shot every time Travis say "well, part of me ..., but another part of me ..." Glad to hear that it's subsided for ep 2. ;) I know, nerves and all.

    Overall, good first ep and you know I'll be listening."

    Back to "fresh" commenting here: By the way, I have similar ideas for other podcast drinking games (wow, does that sound geeky), including, but not limited to having a drink every time Big Mike says either "eckspecially" or "as it were" on his 'cast or every time Andrew (on the Row Three Cinecast) says "as it were."

    I'm sure I'mm guilty of something like this as well, I'm just not aware of it. IRL, I tend to overuse the word "basically," especially when teaching somebody something, but I think I've got a grip on it in podcastland.


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