Podcast: The Demented Encyclopedia #2 - The One With Bad British Accents.

In this second episode of The Demented Encyclopedia, we tackle the topic of movies adapted from other mediums, primarily books (though there is a bit of delving into video games, as well).

Plugs (6 Minutes)

The following websites were discussed during the Plugs portion of the podcast:

-Financial and Sales Advice
-Blog Cabins (for the LOST Reviews/Recaps)
-Cool Awesome Movies
-The Lair of the Unwanted Podcast

Topic: Book (and video game) to film adaptations (45 Minutes)

This week we lose one segment--the "If I had written/directed" bit--and gain another. We call it the "Demented Bag" or "D-Bag." The D-Bag is placed in the tail-end of the main topic (yeah... the pun is intended, people) and allows for listener participation! We take your comments and questions and read them aloud on the podcast, giving you our thoughts in return. If you would like to be a future D-Bag contributor, please join our Facebook Fan Page here.

The Reality Round-Up is shorter this week, clocking in at around 19 Minutes, though with no Survivor this week, it's a purely American Idol discussion (and only promising to get shorter as the weeks go on, with the contestants list shrinking along the way).

We spin into a brief (3 minute) "Recommend A..." where the both of us actually go for music-related recommendations.

And finally we wrap the show with a completely coincidental Princess Bride-centric "Monologue of the Week." Though Travis' is more "Dialogue of the Week," mine could be considered an "Interrupted Monologue," as it would have been a monologue had Westley just not been continually interrupted.

And we apologize immediately for anybody offended by our terrible accents.

Music this week is provided by iTunes and American Idol, giving you a couple brief clips of the lovely Siobhan as she sings her rendition of "Paint it Black" by The Rolling Stones. The song is not given in its entirety and we strongly urge you to go out and buy it yourself if it interests you. Also, you can now subscribe to us via iTunes. We hope you enjoy this week's episode. Join us next week when we should have our very first guest host!

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