Idol Chatter: The Live Blog #3.2.

[I wanted to do this last season, but I got the idea a few episodes too late. I do admit, I watch American Idol. I really didn't start until a couple years ago, though (my mom was a much bigger fan). Similar in style to the Live Survivor Blog over at Blog Cabins, Idol Chatter (pun and all) will be a play by play of the episodes and what I think of what's happening. For those that don't know, just continually refresh this page to get new updates as the show goes on.]

Welcome to the second night of the Top 16 performances. It's time for the Top 8 Guys. Let's hope it's better than the girls (I find myself saying that on a weekly basis, don't I?). Let's see if Casey can continue his "great" streak, if Alex "The Mullet" Lambert can finally impress me, if Tim Urban is still ungodly terrible, if Lee continues to get better, if Todrick will make Big Mike the only contestant of color left on the show (since we know Paige will be going home tomorrow), if Aaron can get past his "Jonas Brothers" feel, and if Andrew proves he peaked too early.

8:00: Ryan: "This... is American Idol."

8:02: Oh God, I'm so conflicted. Lee = really good. "Fireflies" by Owl City = insanely, horribly annoying. I'm not sure I can get over my bias against this song to like it. His gruff voice helps it a little, but I'm not sure this was the right song for him.

8:03: Randy thought it was a strange song choice, but he made it his own. Ellen likes he made it a little rock. Kara thinks he looks confident, and how he made it a better song with his version... I can agree with that, since it can't get any worse than the original. Simon doesn't think he had a "moment" with that song, and that he's better than that song, but he likes his progress over the last 3 weeks and thinks he has a good chance at being in the Top 12.

8:11: The Mullet is up with "Trouble" by Ray Lamontagne. His singing isn't bad, but I hate the tone of his voice. I'm sorry, I just can't get over it. It's almost exactly like James Blunt, and James Blunt just drives me crazy. I can't stand his voice.

8:13: Randy thought he could have done a bit more with the song. Ellen finally has her own opinion and disagrees with Randy, thinking he's getting better and better every week. Kara: "The only thing standing in the way of you winning is you right now." Simon agrees that he needs more confidence and needs to relax.

8:16: "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley now by Tim Urban. He's finally impressing me for once. But now he's gone up from Sanjaya to Jason Castro (who blew me away with this same song a couple seasons ago). But seriously, finally... he did something good.

8:18: Randy thought he did a pretty good job. Ellen got out of her seat to go hug him and tell him he's fantastic. And that's the first time a judge has ever left the panel to go on stage with a contestant. Kara thought he was going home a few weeks ago, and now thinks he might be in it. Simon: "I kind of feel responsible for you doing well tonight." Such a Simon thing to say.

8:25: Andrew Garcia is up. Let's hope he redeems himself. He's doing "Genie in a Bottle" by Christina Aguilara. Uh huh. Ha... it's actually good. He was commended in the past for changing up a Paula Abdul song. So maybe he's only good at singing 80s/90s female pop songs? Kinda strange, but OK.

8:27: Randy thinks it was a very interesting song choice, but it didn't quite work for him. Ellen thought it was a great song choice, but it wasn't until the end when she was really surprised by it. Kara: "You peaked so early." Yup. Simon agrees with Kara, and thought it was a little desperate. But I feel so bad for him, because the judges refuse to judge him without comparing him to that Paula Abdul song.

8:34: No! Casey! Not country! He's singing "You'll Think of Me" by Keith Urban and... I actually like it. It doesn't really sound country. Yeah... this proves that Casey is amazing. He made me like a country song.

8:36: Randy thought it was a little safe. Ellen thought it was great. Kara is "kinda back on the Casey train." But we know she's really just trying to separate herself from the sexual stuff. Simon thinks it's been his "second best." But overall, they liked him, as did I.

8:38: Ugh. More country. Aaron is singing "I'm Already There" by Lonestar... and it's terrible. It's horribly pitchy. This is painful to listen to, and not just because it's country. It's just... it's like he forgot how to sing. Maybe he and Lilly Scott drank from the same Kool-Aid this week. Both are good singers, both did country, both sounded terrible.

8:40: Randy thought it was really good. Ellen didn't like it. Kara says the song is in the third person. Since when is "I" in the third person? Simon calls Kara rubbish. I liked his comment about how "if we keep telling them 'you can't do this, you can't do that' or we'll just confuse them. It was a good song, get over it." That was great. But yeah, not a great song choice (or vocal).

8:47: Todrick is up with "Somebody to Love" by Queen. And... I'm not hating it. In fact, it's pretty good (but I love Queen). See, Casey should have done Queen instead of country. I actually think this was Todrick's best performance, hands down.

8:49: Randy: "Todrick is back!" Ellen loved it. Kara: "There were times I didn't know whether to laugh at it or love it." What a biotch. Simon thinks he's more of a broadway singer, but commends him for attempting to fight for the Top 12 (and it may have saved him).

8:54: Big Mike is up with "This Woman's Work" by Maxwell. Sorry Big Mike, by Maxwell should be banned from American Idol. His vocals are good, though. Really, really good, actually. Just don't care for the song. But I suppose if anyone could pull off that song, it's Big Mike.

8:56: Randy: "...really? Really really?" lol. He loved it. Ellen: "The show just began." Kara is crying. Yeah, really. Simon: "This was so needed tonight." And he says it was the best performance they've had of all the live shows thus far.

8:59: Recap. Lee + Owl City = Head explosion. The Mullet + James Blunt = Illegal Cloning. Tim Urban + Good singing = WTF? Andrew Garcia + Genie In A Bottle = tee hee. Casey + Country = Pleasant Surprise. Aaron + Country = Bleeding Ears. Todrick + Queen = Amazingly surprising. Big Mike + Maxwell = Superb vocals for a moderately annoying song.

Final Thoughts: Some incredibly interesting choices, and a ton of surprises. When I can say that I liked Tim Urban and Todrick was actually one of my favorites of the night... you know something's up. And also when somebody sings a Maxwell song and actually does it well (and/or makes the song bearable)... and somebody makes me tolerate a country song... yeah. I honestly have no clue who is up to go tomorrow for the guys. Based on vocals, I'd say Aaron and Andrew. But it's not about the vocals with these guys, or else Tim would have been out a couple weeks ago. So who knows?


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