New Poll: Favorite Possible Movie Character Spin-Off.

While you're taking a break from all my awesome posting, TV Meme or otherwise, I have something for you to do. I promise, it won't take too long!

Based on yesterday's amazing article in which I detail 10 Possible Movie Character Spin-Offs, I have created a poll asking you which ones you would most like to see. You can choose more than one if you'd like, but which ones were the most interesting and/or fun-sounding to you? It's off to the right of this in the sidebar. So vote and let me know! The poll will be up for 1 week.


  1. Haha... *really*? Steve the Pirate has 2 votes so far, and he's the one I literally put the least amount of thought and effort into, giving him almost no story or anything... I don't know how I feel about that :P .


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