TV Meme: Day 7 - Least Favorite Episode Of My Favorite Show.

Yesterday I discussed my favorite episode of my favorite show--Boy Meets World. Now, on Day 7, it's time to discuss my least favorite episode. Again, this wasn't a hard choice, because one kept popping up into my mind. It's the second episode of the very first season, and it's entitled "On the Fence."

Why is it my least favorite, you ask? Well, it pretty much encapsulates what it is about the first season I didn't care for. Again, I don't want to hate on the first season. It's not bad by any means. In fact, there are some really good episodes (such as "Teacher's Bet," where Cory and Feeny make a bet and switch places, Cory teaching the class and Feeny becoming a student). It's just not what the show turned out to be, overall.

"On the Fence" begins as Cory asks his parents for money to buy a water gun for a school water gun fight. His parents refuse, and Cory is forced to work for it. How? By painting Mr. Feeny's fence. Not really up to the task, Cory rushes through the job and ends up ruining Feeny's plants on the other side.

The whole episode is just one moral-based episode, and it's not even a very interesting one at that. It's not overtly funny, and the ending is just feel-good cheese that feels more at home in an episode of Full House rather than Boy Meets World. I don't really have much else to say about it. Just... that's my least favorite episode of my favorite show.

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