TV Meme: Day 21 - Favorite Relationship.

This one was incredibly easy. From the moment I read "Day 21 - Favorite Relationship," I knew exactly who I was choosing. This is pretty much the relationship to base all other TV show relationships off of. It's so hardcore, I even just ended a sentence with a preposition. And no, it isn't Cory and Topanga (Shock! Gasp!). My favorite TV relationship is none other than Luke and Lorelei from Gilmore Girls.

That's right, people. I was a Gilmore Girls fan. What can I say? It was a very smart show. And the relationship between Luke and Lorelei was outstanding. From Season 1, you know the two are meant for each other. You know that the show will end with the two of them getting together. There can't be any other way. It just has to happen like that.

Needless to say everybody was pissed (myself included) when she chose Christopher in the final season. Granted, she doesn't stay with him, and she does get with Luke in the end. There's no grand wedding or anything. They kiss, and it's assumed they're together in the end. I couldn't find a good enough video to showcase their entire relationship, so here's a video of their first kiss instead:

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