Podcast: The Demented Encyclopedia #11 - The One That's A Musical.

That's right... there's singing. Lots of it. And we're very, very sorry. Join Travis and I as we each look at 5 of our favorite musicals (in no particular order) via song. And once that's all over and done with, we have a very brief Reality Round-Up, and it's most likely the last one since the shows are over now. Then we have some recommendations and, finally, the only reason you all actually listen to this show--the Mono-Dia-logue of the Week. Travis goes Agent Smith while I, well... digress back into song. Hope you enjoy the episode.

Editing this particular episode was a pain in the ass, as I had to link up lyrics with music... and that usually didn't want to cooperate, so a few things were cut or added here or there (I had to take a bit of creative control over the songs). There was also a lot of unimportant talking in between songs that was removed. In other words, my headache is now yours. Enjoy!

Note: I swear I'm saying "horrors" not "whores." Just thought I'd clarify.

Thanks goes out to Kevin MacLeod's Imcompetech Website for the music. Thanks also goes out to the writers/composers of the following films (in order): Little Shop of Horrors, Sweeney Todd, Aladdin, Mulan, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge!, The Lion King, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and West Side Story. As always, you can use the player above to listen to the podcast, or you can search iTunes, where we are also available for download. The earlier episodes are being removed from the player for space, but you can still always download them on iTunes. Also, please become a Fan on Facebook... then you can give us your input for the podcast and will probably end up on the show during the D-Bag segment. But as for now... enjoy!

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