TV Meme: Day 15 - Favorite Female Character.

Unlike "Favorite Male Character," Day 15's choice of "Favorite Female Character" was incredibly easy. Why? Because in a male-driven industry, there aren't all that many females that stick out. Most of them are simply the love interest or the ditz or the one struggling to "make it." Only every now and then do you have those who stand out in people's minds, like Buffy or Chloe (from 24) or Judge Judy. But my choice today, ladies and gentlemen, transcends them all. She is one of the most cleverly written female characters in quite some time.

I'm speaking, of course, of Sue Sylvester from Glee. Her snappy one liners and all around sick and twisted personality all played by the wonderful Jane Lynch make her a joy to watch. And when there is an episode lacking Sue? It sure is noticeable (not that the episode is bad, but you just miss her so much...). Not to mention her fascination with Will's hair. But don't take my word for it. Check out the following video (which doesn't even come close to representing her awesomeness, and I swear isn't all hair jokes. They just last a little while):

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  1. Excellent choice! Sue would have accepted nothing less than to be named Favorite Female Character.

    As evil and twisted as she is, it's nice that she does have a lighter, softer side.


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